RDP Sunday: Wholesome

Yes, those were the days. I was working for a Swiss machine tool company and every year we were at various trade fairs. This was the EMO in Hannover, Germany. and I was chosen to be the lady on our stand at the fair. Here I am in the middle surrounded by various members of our company, my boss on my left. I must have been in my thirties when the photo was taken, but an occasion never to be forgotten. I travelled to Hannover by night train from Basel in Switzerland arriving in the morning for a breakfast at the station restaurant. I stayed with a German family in Hannover for the week when I was there.

RDP Sunday: Wholesome

Good Evening

Although it’s evening I can show you how our morning began. The sun now rises quite early and although the blinds are closed in my bedroom, it does fight its way through the slits. Living now alone at home, I do not have to consider anyone else, so I rise and draw up the blinds and open the bedroom window. I put on my dressing gown and take a few wary steps outside with my telephone camera and this photo is one of the results.

Otherwise nothing special today.

Although I decided to spoil my son and I with a cauliflower cheese, accompanied by a veal chop and chips. Needless to say there was nothing left.

I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon. My last visit was two days go as I was busy shopping and organising a few other things. I noticed today that my Dyson vacuum cleaner was not working very well and took a closer look. Due to my trials with the shredder the poor vacuum was choking on paper fragments so I cleared it all away and now it is back to normal.

We had our carnival last week and the last evening is celebrated by burning a figure stuffed with fireworks. It is quite a spectacle and my No. 1 son decided to go. I told him to take a few photos, although he only had his mobile phone camera.

The photos came out a bit small so I had to enlarge them.

This one shows the exploding fireworks.

And here it was almost finished.

And this was all that was left. Before the burning ceremony a carnival band marches around the figure. I must say praise to my autistic son. He did it all himself and sent the photos by SMS.

And now the carnival is finished for a year.

And now I am off for the remainder of my Sunday evening. I did take a photo when visiting Mr. Swiss of the area next to the home where he is. It was a nice sunny afternoon, although quite cold.