FOWC with Fandango: Carpet

Some just have no respect for a carpet. Wherever they go they leave a trail of slime behind them.

Who needs a carpet today. I abolished then from my living quarters some years ago: stone tiles and wooden parquet have replaced the carpets, although I still have one below the dining table. Now I am alone at home, I am thinking about removing that one as well. It seems only snails and other crawling creatures from the insect world are the only organisms that still enjoy carpet. They are just food for a vacuum cleaner and my Dyson does the job just as well when it takes a walk on my carpetless floors.

FOWC with Fandango: Carpet

Good Evening

I have returned. Yesterday I was missing, but paid a visit to Mr. Swiss on Sunday afternoon and returned via the farm where I found quite a view things to take a photo. The sunset was also quite effective on my way home.

The chickens had returned to the farm and were making the most of what was hidden in the grass. I had not seen then for some time. Now and again they stop laying their eggs, and then they have to retire to make way for some fresh feathers.

Some of them preferred to do their own thing

whilst others preferred to keep out of the sun, a little closer to their daughters which were still enjoying the quiet surround of an egg.

The pony was also grazing in his enclosure

together with a horse

and the geese were not far away. Unfortunately I was not prepared with my camera and only had my mobile phone with me so the fence got in the way of this photo.

It was a wonderful little walk home in the sunny evening and I was surprised to see so much action. Today it was again a day at home as Monday usually is. At last I said goodbye to my tax declaration and my wonderful neighbour dropped it off today at the office where the expert could prepare the document for me. When it is done he will send the finished declaration to me and Mr. Swiss and I can sign it and hand it over to the tax authorities and afterwards we can just pay, and the routine will begin again next year. The next time I will be better prepared for it all (I hope).

Today I eventually finished organising the clothes cupboard from Mr. Swiss. He has so many wonderful leather shoes which have been worn only a couple of times. He has shoe size 42, my sons have 43 and 45 so no-one can wear them. Mr. Swiss, at the age of 82, only needs training shoes, slippers and shower slip-ons. I could wear the Addidas and reeboks etc. as I have size 41, if necessary, but I do not really need them as my walking is done in my scooter or with my walker, so the wonderful shoes are now just sitting in the wardrobe.

And that was my day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring – have a good week everyone. I leave you with a view of the Jura mountains taken from the farm.