Good Evening

Something completely different. As I was outside looking for something for a photo, this plane crossed the sky over my head leaving a silver trail. Otherwise I remained at home today. I had one of my brilliant ideas.

Papers are collecting since I begun my task of organisation and my idea is to just slip some into a plastic bag for the rubbish collection so that they gradually disappear. However I have a machine.

Yes, Mr. Swiss once bought a shredder for his waste, although I was never allowed to use it. He was sure I had nothing important enough to shred, and he was right. However now I am shredding for everyone and so today I decided to use it. I found the instruction manual yesterday so there was nothing stopping me. However, this shredder was a slow shredder and more than 1-2 pages together it would not digest. I also had to remove all paper clips and staples from various documents.

It did its job and shredded and here is the result. Unfortunately it also decided to spread the results when I was packing the shreds into the bag and when I had finished the job I spent half an hour removing small strips of paper from the floor and carpet. In other words this shredder was shredding everywhere. I decided that the shredder was not the solution to my document problems and so have returned it to its corner until perhaps my No. 2 son decides he needs a shredder.

And that was my adventurous day

I noticed today that progress is being made on the new appartement block and the outlines have now reached the second floor. It will be three floors when completed and the view of the trees from the forest will no longer be as it was. However I am now 75 years old, so who cares.

I will now pack my computer away for the evening and hope that you all have a good week-end start. The neighbour’s cat called past for a sleep in my garden and sends his greeetings.