RDP Monday: Inimitable

These are really original. As I walked past I could almost here them rattling their wooden teeth. They are so good that who would want to buy them as a wooden spoon? It would be a shame to have them mix up pastry or be dipped in some sort of milky sticky substance. They deserve to be left in peace.

RDP Monday: Inimitable

Good Evening

And what a wonderful day it was today, starting with the sun in the morning. The temperatures were pleasant, so what could possibly go wrong. I did my usual cleaning routine in the morning. Now being completely alone all day until No. 1 son arrives home in the evening, I have my own routine. I even managed to completely now empty one of the cupboards in the spare-office room where I really found a lot of junk – just empty boxes. Today was the monthly market day and I thought of going in the afternoon to have a camera experience with photos, although I knew a neighbour friend would be calling to help me with some apartment business. She gave me a call on the telephone to ask if 5 o’clock would be OK in the evening. Of course it was and my afternoon was ready for my attack on the market.

On my way into town I noticed that again repairs were being made to our local railway tracks. That always happens at this time of the year to get everything repaired after the cold Winter. The air was full of the smell of hot tar and everyone was busy flattening the bumps between the tracks. They all gave me a friendly greeting as I wheeled past.

I eventually arrived in town and noticed that there were now more people on the market enjoying themselves on the sunny day. No-one was wearing a mask and I am sure they were all relieved to celebrate a normal market day again.

There was plenty to be seen and everything was so very colourful.

This stall was featuring lavender packed in neat little bags as its speciality and you could smell it as you walked past.

They also had bundles of lavender nicely wrapped.

I found this quite an interesting selection. All types of iPhone being sold in various sizes and conditions. Obviously they were not new and probably rescued from an iPhone cemetery somewhere. As I was just passing though I did not stop to ask any questions. They also had a selection of Samsung.

These chickens looked quite interesting.

They seem to have quite a selection of chickens on the market. On this stall they had the pottery versions in all shapes and sizes.

There were quite a few stalls with something for the kids. It had been a long while since I had visited town on market day. During the Winter it was too cold, and it was difficult for me to go anywhere when Mr. Swiss began to feel his age. I have now discovered my new freedom again and mix with the public. Since the covid rules are no longer so strict it seems we are now all celebrating our old version of life again.

After an hour I left town through our Basel Gate.

Just on the other side of the gate are the old stone walls of the fortifications from the old days.

As I still had plenty of time I decided to drop in on Mr. Swiss as I scootered past his home. I had not planned anything and he was not expecting me. When I arrived at the home he was not in his room and I was told he was in the pavilion outside as it was a sunny day. However, more to that visit tomorrow, but he was in good spirits with some other golden oldie colleagues in the home.

I now leave you with one of the friends I made on the visit to the market. I hope she brightens up your day as she did mine.