FOWC with Fandango: Swift

This is my beloved collection of CD music. I know it is not so many, but since my CD playing radio died I no longer had the opportunity to listen, however I had kept them dust free in the hope that one day I might have the chance to listen again. Now that I am alone at home, since Mr. Swiss is amongst the other golden oldies is in home, I have been keeping my self busy.

Mr. Swiss left me with cupboard and drawers full of computer electronics. I examined it all, discovered that it was outdated and disposed of most of it, but …… yes I found a DVD/CD player, actually two of them. One was a normal HP version for any computer and the other was this:

An Apple version, never been used, almost. I had already tried it with a film and with more luck then judgement I discovered how it worked. Today I had some spare time on my hands and decided the days of CD record neglect were now over and I made a swift decision. I plugged this CD player into my Apple computer (yes I have an Apple as well as Windows) and once again heard Lucio Dalla singing one of my favourite songs.

L’anno che verrà

Another one of my swift decisions. Now I look forward to spending my days with all my favourites.

FOWC with Fandango: Swift

RDP Wednesday: Acceptance

Married life is full of acceptance, at least from the female side of things. You accept all you other half says and does, although you do not have to support it all. Now that Mr. Swiss is no longer at home, in a golden oldie refuge, he is not far away and I still respond to his cries of help. Today I got a message on my phone whether he might have a pair of training shoes (Puma or adidas) as he would need them in his newly discovered life. I then proceeded to clear out the cupboards and cleaned up his 16 pairs of such shoes, all in his size and in excellent condition as I do not think he had worn them more than once or twice. I the took photos of all 16 pairs and sent them to him in his golden oldie enclave for approval. I hope he was not disappointed that there were no Puma or Addidas, but there was a Rebok amongst them and even a pair of Sketchers. As I do not think he is going to train for the golden oldie games I am of the opinion that a light pair of Sketcher shoes would do the job.

He replied that on my next visit I should bring a selection with me, which of course I will. I discovered that you are never really separated, and as a woman I again accepted his wishes, although I was at home today. It was our local paper and cardboard collection day and that was something he had to accept.

RDP Wednesday: Acceptance

Good Evening

Today was a day packed with exciting things, well not really packed and for most of us, also not exciting. I did not bother with the sunrise this morning as it had difficulty appearing through the mist. I hoped it would not become one of those dull days, but a few hours later the sun won the battle and was doing its job nicely.

My first photo of the day is our paper and cardboard collection. I am ashamed to admit that the papers are all mine and 90% of the cardboard. However I will no longer have so much in the future. Now that Mr. Swiss reads our local newspaper in his golden oldie refuge one of my first chores was to cancel the half annual subscription. I found CHF 450 was a little too expensive for me alone as I only really read the obituaries. It was quite a lot of material on two trolleys and in my condition I would have problems bringing it from the cellar via the garage outside. However Lucia, my domestic colleague, arrived to help me and in ten minutes everything was dealt with. That lady is more than just someone that keeps my apartment clean, but is a really support for me. Next week she will be on holiday so I will have to manage myself.

On Monday I was it town and on the way home paid a surprise visit to Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home. He was not in his room and one of the assistants told me he was outside in the pavilion. This is the pavilion and he was quite comfortable with a cup of coffee sitting with the others. You can almost see him sitting on the extreme left in the photo. I did not realise they had such an outdoor life where he is.

They even have a few animals, this rabbit being one of them. There were some chickens and also a goat, but they were not near enough for photos.

And this is one of the fish they have in the pond.

It is qiute a large pond and probably has a few ducks in Summer as well as fish. I think Mr. Swiss will be spending some time outside during the Summer months. We also had a nice surprise yesterday whilst I was visiting as my No. 2 son suddenly appeared. He has taken the afternoon off to visit his dad. I was also visiting but I left my son and went home and he joined me again later.

And that’s my news for now. I had a bit too much to deal with yesterday, so I took the day off from the computer, but here I am again. Hope you are having a good day, otherwise make the most of it.