Good Evening

Late afternoon and the last rays of the sun were slowly disappearing. We had quite a sunny day, but it is very cold. I was actually intending to go into town this afternoon as it is our monthly market day, but something else cropped up.

Now that Mr. Swiss is a permanent guest in his home he needs furniture: not too much, just a wardrobe, a couple of chairs and a table. The furniture he now has is from the home and the residents bring their own, except for the bed and bedside table. I spoke to the home and they said they have their own staff of handymen to fit it together when it is delivered so that will be no problem. I had already taken measurements yesterday and selected what we need. Today I ordered it all on the computer – from Ikea – and it will be delivered on Wednesday. Ikea is not so expensive and the quality is OK. Although the online computer programme for ordering is quite straightforward it took time to get it exact. When I had finished I at last got to my midday sleep.

Five minutes later I had a call from the organisation that was looking after Mr. Swiss before he went to his home. They still had a lot of medicine that belonged to him and asked if they could give it to me. As I do not need it we agreed that they would bring it tomorrow and I would take it to the home where they could use it. Eventually I could settle down to a sleep.

Mr. Swiss had to go to the hospital this morning for an x-ray on his leg which had a breakage. One of the ladies from the home went with him as it was not possible for me to go, due to my MS problems. I called him and he said everything was OK with the leg and they will have another look in a year.

Somewhere in between I managed to cook myself a small lunch of aubergine with pepperoni, one of my favourites. Now I can indulge in my aubergines because I am the only person in the family that likes them.

I also managed to capture this sparrow in flight.

And there was a rather large female blackbird walking around.

The evening meal is now cook, my son is home, so that will be my next chore – eating it.

Hope you all had, or are having a good day.