Good Evening

Nothing really special today although I did eventually prepare my special offer green asparagus for my llittle lunch. They were 5 Swiss francs cheaper so I took the opportunity and they were good. I had some raw ham and normal ham in the fridge which I had wanted to use for some time: with a sauce hollandaise it was perfect.

And I have at last finished my tax documents. They had their conference here from the house management and the final documents have now been issued. I did not go to the conference but gave my vote to a nice neighbour. There were a few suggestions made from other parties, but nothing was really decided. The suggestions made were too expensive for everyone. My neighbour showed me the document I needed to submit with my tax documents and I spent some time copying it all so that I have my own copies. She also told me that if I had any improvements made to my apartment I should hand in the copies of the invoices as I can also deduct that from my income tax. I am really a novice to this game, but I might get a refund on my new fridge-freezer and the descaling of my boiler which I have done every five years.

Otherwise I was rudely awakened by the doorbell in my midday sleep, although it was really time to stop hugging the bed. Another neighbour called to say that they had a problem with the water in our building and it had been turned up for some time to correct it. It has now been solved and everything back to normal.

I just had the birds for company outside, although not very much longer. I have decided that they had a good time throughout the Winter with my food supplies, but now Spring is arriving and they can fend for themselves. The store will soon stop selling the bird seeds and I used the remainder today.

No good photos from the sky today as we seem to be back to the dull colours and no sun. However, I am hoping that tomorrow will be better as I am thinking about going into town for a few items in the stores.

Hope you had a pleasant day – now the weekend is looming on the horizon.