Good Morning


Sitting outside on the porch with the computer and the remains of breakfast is ideal at 9.00 a.m. What a wonderful start to the day, especially as it is looking a promising day. The weather gods did say something about wind and storm late afternoon but who cares. The morning is a good start to today.


Yesterday I was again in town in the afternoon. The weather was fine, and there are still a few remains of lockdown limiting the amount of people in a store, although I have never been locked out. There is always enough space for me. Perhaps it is more crowded in the morning, but I am an afternoon person. I prefer to stay at home in the morning and deal with homely chores. After a sleep after lunch I am ready to go and full of new golden oldie energy. Mr. Swiss was planning to come with me in his scooter, but he was not feeling so wide awake and decided to stay at home.

The photo is of the town store choice of plants. Not very much really. Inside they have a few more, but also not really a lot to show. I was giving my plants at home some water yesterday. I have four orchids outside during the Summer. They are not in full sun as they would otherwise have burnt leaves. However, I had a pleasant surprise yesterday. I noticed that all four had made new shoots and two even had small buds. It seems the best treatment is once a week water, a little fertiliser and nature is doing the rest. I have another three orchids indoors which seem to be sleeping. I will now remove these to the outside and see what might happen.


We really do have a wonderful little town and in Summer it shows itself from its best side. It has a few squares with various restaurants and decorations are perfect. This is the so-called cemetery square, although there is no longer a cemetery here. Once they did some renovations and a few bones appeared. Amazing what lies below sometimes.


After leaving the square I entered one of our many narrow streets, again lined with restaurants and snack bars. There are a few other stores, but they are becoming few and far between. Everyone either goes to the supermarket or orders online- The advantage is that it is a wonderful town for meandering along the alleys and enjoying the sights.


As I was on my way out of town, I passed by one of the numerous flower stores: just a small one, but there are always interesting plants to be seen. She had now spread the plant show to the window sills and there seem to be plant invaders everywhere.

And now I should invade my apartment with various machines for cleaning purposes, coupled with a mop etc. I am still missing our little Tabby cat. She was part of my morning routine with emptying her recycling tray and putting out fresh food. She was always having a sleep somewhere comfortably on a chair or bed.

Have a good day everyone, may the sun shine on you and keep safe, at a distance. Even our local pigeons do not get too close to each other.



23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon another day with temperatures rising. Your plant lady has a green thumb. It is a lovely picture. Glad your orchids are showing new growth and even a bud. When I think of orchids, it always to mind Nero Wolf (fiction detective who had a greenhouse full of orchids. Have an enjoyable wheelie. I am going out on a journey today.

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    • I remember Nero Wolf on the TV. If only I had paid more attention to his orchids. Mine are really looking good with new stalks and buds. I have now put the three I had indoors outside to see if they will develop so well. We have a storm hovering around somewhere, and I think it will do its job later in the evening. Today the weather stayed good enough go places, sunshine all day, but I felt a few drops of rain once.


      • We just back from Costco store. Kathy has a membership and we can buy on her membership.I have all of his books more than once. BLACK ORCHIDS is a good one. A grower has develop 3 plants and Nero is jealous. I only saw a couple of TV versions. and it wasn’t ny Wolf. I don’t think will have storm today but with this weather you never know what well happen.

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  2. We went grocery shopping this morning and guess what I saw? Your HP sauce! I told my husband, “My friend in Switzerland uses this.” He was most impressed….but then had to say that he, too, worked for an HP. I finished our conversation with, “Yes, but it also stands for House of Parliament.” Ah, what you learn from blog buddies. Have a great day, Pat.

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    • I wonder how people can live without HP although I think we are the only family in Swittzerland that use it. The original abbreviation was really for the Houses of Parliament. For some unknown reason they had a complete description of the sauce in French on the bottle.

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