RDP Wednesday: Gelid


I took a wheelie along the bank of the river on my home way from town. I have not been along the river for some time. It can be a bumpy ride in the chair, but I wanted to see if anything had changed.

Suddenly two swans appeared, a pair, as swans are very family minded and stay together for their lifetime. I was just getting ready for a photo, although it was not so easy as I had full sun shining and only my mobile camera. Then it happened, family swan was complete and one of the offspring appeared. He or she was definitely not cold in the water, although its coat was still only fluff and not the real feathery thing. Afterwards a second cygnet appeared but I was really blinded by the sun. What a wonderful experience it was to see family swan on their outing on the river.


RDP Wednesday: Gelid

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