Good Morning

Clouds 27.06 (8)

Floating clouds seen on a wheelie I took yesterday afternoon in my chair. I just love those clouds that seem to hang in the sky, really one of nature’s paintings.

My start to the day was one of those that I am not so keen on. It is again time to change the bed linen which becomes quite a strenuous task as you get older and less mobile. We split the work, but for both of us it is not so easy. I do the duvet covers and cushions and Mr. Swiss struggles with the fitted sheets and dusting the bed frames and hoovering beneath. No matter how much you split it up, is it still strenuous. The washing of it all is the least work as the machine does it, just the ironing of the duvet covers,  which is my task, although sometimes No. 1 son might help or Mr. Swiss.

Red Kites 27.06.2018

I saw two big birds in the sky yesterday, but it was not superman.  I had my zoom lens with me but always have difficult focusing with it, getting a blur most of the time and not finding the objects I want to photograph in the vast expanse of sky. I did this one with the smaller lens, but I found them. I met a colleague on my wheelie and she said that the chickens at the stables saw the birds, which are red kites, and they all scattered to the shelter of their home. They probably thought they were being attacked from invaders from outer space.

Chickens 27.06 (1)

This one was still looking for somewhere to hide. My friend said that all the animals seem to be disappearing. The horses have left the stables, and even the ducks are less. I was actually on the search for some cows yesterday, but the meadows are empty, although their empty hay troughs are still there, hopefully waiting for some new cows.

Crops 27-06 (1)

At the moment the farmers are busy with the first harvesting and the fields have had their first hair cut, removing the wheat.

Solothurn Cemetry (7)

The gardeners were even busy in the cemetery mowing down the fields of grass and pruning bushes. This was the result.

Solothurn Cemetry (3)

I noticed on my many wheel-throughs at the cemetery, that there are more empty spaces than occupied ones. I do not think there are less people leaving this world, but being buried no longer seems to be so popular. The little cremated stones are increasing which need less space. I think big funerals are becoming too expensive for many, which I can understand. It is nice to have a memorial celebrated with a stone and all the carvings, but it has become a pricey thing. Graves are a limited choice in Switzerland, unless you have the money to actually buy the ground for a family residence. I think the limit is 30-40 years before you are disposed of forever, but am not sure.

Otherwise it was another sunny day and after my wheelie and the evening meal I spent the evening outside on the porch uploading photos and with my Kindle and watering the garden. My hibiscus bushes are now full of buds which are the last to flower in summer.  I think most gardens have a hibiscus somewhere in our area. I bought one once, but now have four, the others grown from the seeds from the original hibiscus.

Today is a day at home. No. 2 son will not be home for lunch as he is invited, so it is just me and Mr. Swiss taking it easy at home. I will be doing my daily cleaning chores for an hour and might fit in a door cleaning session: as they are clean, it is just a refresher.  One of the problems living in Switzerland is that you automatically become a Swiss housewife and actually feel good when you clean something. After breaking my leg I could not do so much, but now the indestructible Angloswiss is back in full power.

Only another two days to the week-end so make the most of the working week left. I leave you with some flowers I saw on my walk yesterday,  but have no idea what they are. Every day I see something new.

Special Flowers 27.06 (3)

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    • It is a combination of a lot of things. You can choose your coffin according to quality but the undertaker expenses, the plot of land and the gravestone all add up. Cremation is a lot cheaper, also has its price, but you do not need such a large plot of land


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