Daily Prompt: Wonder

Christ rose 09.03 (1)

Oh wonder, my Christroses have opened up in the garden. I almost forgot they were there.

Otherwise no wonders here. There has been no miracle cure for MS yet, and my broken leg stays broken.

I just spent some time filling out an online questionnaire about being an expat. I suppose I am an expat being a Brit but living in Switzerland for the past 50 years, although I do not really feel very expat. The form was from the HSBC which is some sort of British Bank and I do not really think I was a suitable target: married to a Swiss, a Swiss citizen for the past 47 years and have absolutely no regrets about leaving England and settling in another country. I am definitely not a typical ex pat, so my answers to their questions were probably not what they expected. I am quite happy in Switzerland and definitely do not regret leaving Britain.

They were asking a little too many questions about my financial situation which I declined to answer. Why is it that the Brits are convinced that they are the only country that is perfect. I even have colleagues in England who feel sorry for me eating foreign food and living in another country as if I must suffer living in Switzerland – my dad always said “they like that sort of thing” when it came to living in another country. And I like Cheese Fondue. He also felt sorry for me I think. Just do not wonder why I am here.  It is the best decision I ever made.

Daily Prompt: Wonder

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Wonder

  1. That’s a really good question about the Brits. I’ve experienced that phenomenon while traveling, most notably in the Milan subway at the train station during a strike. A policeman announced there was a strike and we would all have to take cabs or walk. Of course, being Italy, he spoke Italian. A couple of young British women very stridently spoke out, “We want to speak to someone in charge. Someone who speaks English.”

    My first reaction was, “Why does one have to speak English to be ‘in charge’?”

    But I just told them what the cop had said. One of them looked down at me quite disdainfully (she was tall) and said, “How do YOU know?”

    My colleague in China was similar, but she mellowed out over time and, being Irish, she couldn’t climb up very high on the high horse… 😉

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    • It is one of those aspects of the brits that I dislike. Everything in another country is inferior to the british way of life they think. My dad was always astonished that we didn’t do things the british way and that we did not speak english all the time. The fact that I speak German to Mr. Swiss and the kids was not looked upon very favourably. English people rarely learn a different language as they are convinced that everyone should speak english. The Brits are islanders and so they will remain.

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      • Americans have retained that attitude. They do not learn other languages, either. Or travel much. And, the colonists were “Britainized” as soon as they arrived (if not fro Britain) by taking an oath to the effect that if they were in America, they were British. I guess if you’re a relatively small island in the middle of a big ocean subject to numerous invasions over the centuries, you might be a little xenophobic…

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  3. People have some very strange believes about “other countries.” They can’t imagine that NOT doing things the same way you’ve always done them might be a positive experience. That new foods might taste as good or even better. That new experiences might be fun and exciting. A lot of people seriously lack imagination.

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    • That is so true. I seem to have spent my life doing things differently. That is the fun of it all. It is not only the food but everything that is different. Even driving on the other side of the road or kilometers instead of miles


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