Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

River Aar Walk 10.03 (6)

Which path should I take, the right one or the left one. The left path has a comfortable bench where I can rest, but the right path is straight ahead. From experience I can tell you that the left path is misleading. It lulls you into a feeling of security. As soon as you turn the corner the ground is a maze of roots which can easily be a cause to stumble. It is not a flat path, but goes upwards and down again. I know, I once chose this path for a change and was lucky to survive. If I had not taken the path on the left I might have missed an important experience in my life.

The path on the right is flat and safe and eventually opens out with a nice view of the river. Just saying. Somehow there must be a meaningful depth in this photo. I tried both paths eventually.

According to Mr. Swiss I can often be uncompromising. So that’s that I suppose. He should know. If this means I tend to do what I want, then that would be true. I left England 50 years ago for another country. Mum was convinced that I would return to the safety of a warm nest after a few months, even weeks: missing home cooking (mum coudn’t cook) and the comfort of living english. Forget it. When I got the vibes about giving up and coming home, it was all the more reason to stay where I had gone. And I preferred Swiss food and the way of life.

Don’t push me, I won’t fall, but will continue on my way.

Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

    • I didn’t choose Switzerland, it chose me. I wanted to work and live abroad in my uncompromising way. I answered an advertisement for a job in Hamburg, Germany, but the job was already occupied and afterwards saw the offer for work in Zürich, so I applied. I was in Zürich for a couple of months and the original job in Hamburg sent me a letter, saying if I was still interested, the position would now be available.

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    • Although Mr.. Swiss got a little worried when I said perhaps I could go shopping with him next week. He is now working out how to tell me that with a broken leg and walker, it might not work. And what if I had an accident? He is such a worrier.


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