FOTD 31st July 2022: White Bellflower

Can someone explain why this white bellflower has suddenly appeared in my bellflower bed.

Here you can see it on the bottome left of the picture surrounded by its blue companions. I have had the bell flowers for many years, all blue and suddenly a white bell flower has appeared. It must be a fluke of nature to produce a white flower, but at the moment nature is really doing something completely different: so now I have a white species. Actually I am quite pleased to have this new mutation in my flowrbed. Perhaps there will more with time.

FOTD 31st August 2922: White Bellflower

5 thoughts on “FOTD 31st July 2022: White Bellflower

  1. For species of Campanula, it happens on rare occasion. Seed from a specimens that bloom white should grow into plants that mostly bloom blue, with a more than the typical ratio that bloom white. Each species is different. For some, only a few plants of the second generation will bloom white. For others most will bloom white. Incidentally, such variation is more common with blue flowers than flowers of other color, such as lily of the Nile, plumbago and jacaranda.

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