Good Evening

It has been strange weather today with a background of rumbling noise. Three thunderstorms have passed through but did not stay very long, although we did get a sprinkling of water over the garden which will save me some bother this evening. It is still being noisy but what happens during the night does not bother me.

Otherwise I was busy with myself today.

The day began with this, my miserable self.

And in the late afternoon it was this. Yes I visited my friend, the hair thief, and in half an hour this was all that was left. I tried my experiment with long hair, but in this hot weather it was not ideal. I was having problems with washing it and I eventually decided that long grey hair is not exactly the best for a golden oldie like myself. I now feel like a new person and can breathe again. I sent a photo to Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie retreat and he also gave his approval.

I do not think I will bother with that experiment again.

I was also occupied with this strange object on my wrist. Perhaps some of you know what it is. It looks like a watch and I wear it day and night. It is a precaution for me if I have an accident, having MS. If anything happens I can press the blue field and it sends automatically a signal to a centre where they contact me to see what has happened.

I then have contact with the headquarters and over this loudspeaker can talk to them. I have used it twice so far. My problem is if I fall I cannot get up again and if I am alone at home, which is now often the case I can inform what has happened and within 10-15 minutes someone arrives at my home. I have a spare key in my letter box outside which is in a locked safety compartment and these people know how to release the key if necessary. The problem is where to have the box. I am sometimes in the kitchen or the living room and the apartment is too big to have it in the bedroom. Accidents happen always in the wrong places. Anyhow I contacted them today and asked if it would matter if I shifted the alarm to different rooms during the day. They said it would be OK, as long as I did not break the contact for more than an hour. I am glad as I now have it next to the kitchen door in the living room where I spend most of the time. This system is now quite common in Europe and I often see people, usually golden oldies like myself, with such an alarm watch on their wrist. I have to pay a monthly fee for it, but it is worth it.

And that is today’s excitement. Of course I visited Mr. Swiss also during the afternoon for an hour as well. And now for a relaxing evening with my new lighter head.

And yes we had clouds again in the sky today.