Good Evening

Today I was free wild, on my own, and no visits to the golden oldie home, although I did some Whatsap messaging with Mr. Swiss and we had a phone call. He decided that he should relax his injured rib, although the doc said it is just a bruised rib so he will survive and I did not want to sit in his room all afternoon in that heat which is really uncomfortable. The photo is of his home and he is up in the roof rooms so you can see the two projections of his windows on the left. I decided to spend an hour around the local castle grounds today and the cemetery with my camera. It had been so long since I really did something for myself.

As I approached the grounds surrounding the castle I realised that it was a perfect day for bringing in the crops. We have the promise of hot weather for the next week and no rain, so what could be better.

I really enjoyed my photo session with the harvesters and the farmers even gave me a wave from their driver’s cabin.

There were two harvesters in operation on two fields. This field was now in the process of bundling the crops together in blocksl.

Gone are the days of hay stacks, it is now neat bundles of crops all made by the harvesting machines.

This guy was collected the bundles. I really enjoyed by lesson on harvesting this afternoon, perhaps I should have been a farmer’s wife,

I noticed there seemed to be a wedding reception at the castle with everyone dressed in their best and as I was leaving the bride and groom arrived in their wedding car. What a wonderful afternoon it was.

I moved on from the castle grounds to the local cemetery which was my way home. Again I seemed to be the only person in the cemetery, just one or two people relaxing on a bench in the shade. It had been a long while since I could really enjoy an afternoon of photography. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss did send me a message to say he was feeling better and had ventured outside in the courtyard, which I expected. When you are 83 years old and have smoked almost all your life, you still have to indulge. Naturally smoking is forbidden inside his golden oldie home. He seems to be one of those people that smoking does not affect, probably immune. At least it got him out of his room.

I arrived home with time to spare, No, 1 son was in town and I have already uploaded my photos and put the chicken in the air fryer for the evening meal. Now I have time to water the front and back garden.

Have a good week-end everyone and be careful not to get too much sun, especially if your are a Brit. They now have a red warning with temperatures in some places approaching 40°C. At least they no longer have to worry about their holidays for the good weather, they will get a nice sun tan in their own country.