Good Evening

A night full of storms and torrential rain which stopped when I stopped hugging the bed and it turned into a pleasant day with some sunshine although a marked temperature fall. However the weather forecast tells me that tomorrow we will be back in the high temperatures. I spent the morning as usual with a general tidy up. Lunch was just a mushroom omelette which suited me fine.

I spent the afternoon again with Mr. Swiss. I took this photo from his home which shows how near I actually am to him. The two cranes you see in the photo are in our estate and the white buildings are part of our estate. I am very lucky to have him so near and he is also glad.

When I got home I already had a visitor at the kitchen window waiting for any offerings I might have. Of course, I always have a packet of feline goodies for him. Roshti is now at least 19 years old and still going strong.

I had a problem with my telephone today. I realised this afternoon that I could make no phone calls. I kept getting the message that my telephone was not available (in German of course). I really need my phone, it is the only connection I have to the outside world. I am now on my own with no-one to ask, so I asked my internet telephone information which was still working. It told me to go to settings and some further instructions. It was still a risk for me as I really did not know what damage I could do. However, I continued dauntless and as soon as I said “yes” to an operation I got all the messages people had been sending me and I could make a normal phone call again. I had asked Mr. Swiss to call me and he also confirmed that my telephone was blocked, but now everything is working again. I am so relieved and glad. Even this golden oldie grandmother is learning the intricacies of online life. It has always been a thing of importance to me to keep up with online life. Just because you have grey hair and are old, it does not mean that you give up.

Otherwise nothing special happening today, although I managed to take a photo of the first bee. They are always so elusive, but this one was doing what bees on my gaura plant do.

Now time to prepare something to eat for No. 1 son and me and then another evening of reading further in my Jeffrey Deaver book, “The Empty Chair”. It really is a page turner.

Enjoy the day wherever you are and have a good week-end. I leave you with the water lilies in my husband’s home.