Good Evening

I was just beginning to write when I saw these clouds outside. It was another sunny hot day, up to 30°C probably, but unlike the British, I survive. It is nothing new here and every year we have these temperatures in Summer – nothing dramatic. I must really wonder a little about the Brits. Their main problem during the pandemic was that they could not embark on their holidays to places like Spain, Italy and even the Azores. I mean it does not get any hotter anywhere else. Now they have the high temperatures in their own back yard and the government are issuing warnings about the heat and the Brits are worried. They wanted it and now they have it. I allow these negative words as I am also a Brit and yes, I always enjoyed the nice hot weather where we all get a nice brown tan on the skin.

And now to something completely different, although not quite. We are really having a season of markets at the moment and today was the weekly veg, fruit and flower market – again. I could not resist going of course, although I was really just looking and fed my camera with some photos.

I think this photo really captures the spirit of the market. You choose the goods and have a discussion about it all with the stall holder.

There was plenty of choice and some interesting vegetables. As usual I bought nothing, just had a look. I did not even have to buy anything in the supermarket, so could really take my time.

Often the displays are quite artistic as this tomato arrangement.

This dog seemed to be a little bored standing in between the legs of his humans and it seems he had picked up some dust from the market.

Some people were glad to escape from the bustle of the market and have a relaxing coffee As you can see the photographer is also in the picture reflected in the mirror of her scooter. I took my Nikon camera with me this time – a little heavier and bulky than the iPhone. I had a golden oldie black out yesterday, one of the reasons why I did not write anything. I had forgotton how to upload my photos. I have been doing it evening after evening, but somehow I lost the thread. I could upload it into my web sits, but I had a blackout for saving the photos on my computer. I must really be getting old. The problem continued this evening when suddenly it clicked and of course I knew how it worked. Beware golden oldies amongst us, it could happen to you as well.

I also had a look around in town whilst there. Our so-called “wonky tower” is still wonky and will never be straight – an oversight from the architect in the middle ages is seems: but why have a straight tower that no-one notices. Our wonky tower is unique.

George was still having problems with his dragon on our fountain. It seems that they have spruced up the fountain a little with a new coat of paint.

I took a last glance at our old arsenal as I was leaving the town. It is now a museum with old armanents. I arrived home and made myself a small snack for lunch.

I also took a glance at our local house mountain, the Weissenstein. It has been quite a while since I was at the top where the restaurant is. And now time to go – have a good rest of the day everyone.