Good Evening

I had a date this afternoon with a guy I have known for 56 years and we still get excited. He waited for me outside his golden oldie home sitting on his scooter and then I arrived sitting on my scooter. First of all I had to check his scooter that his walker was fitted well and then we were off. I lead the way as compared to me he is still a bit of a beginner with this scooter mobility. Of course it was Mr. Swiss and I was accompanying him to the dentist. These are the only romantic moments we now have.

I lead the way into town and he followed. When we arrived he went direct to his dentist and we had to part – again – as I had an appointment at the grocers for a few items I needed, but he was not sad. He parked his scooter outside the dentist and two minutes later he was already phoning me. Did he already miss me, no, he could not find the key to his scooter, but no problem. Half a minute later he called me again to say it was in his pocket. It was another golden oldie problem.

On the way to the store I saw this guy in town playing his piano. I remember him from last Christmas and we got into a conversation. He plays quite well, relaxing music.

He even posed for a photo for me. And talking of photos, I am sure you are longing to see how I do it daily with my camera, although I now only used my iPhone.

So here is the photographer sitting on her scooter. I think she was taking a photo of a pigeon but the camera went off to soon. She had another try.

Here is the result. This pigeon seemed to be dressed in his best feathers and attractive red feet, but it probably that time of the year again when the ladies are searching for a partner, and of course they all want to look like a lady’s man.

I joined Mr. Swiss at the dentist and eventually Mr. Swiss and I parted company: he back to his home and me to mine, although we met again on the way and waved from afar. As soon as I arrived home my telephone gave a “ping”, Mr. Swiss telling me he arrived home safely and I returned the call to the same effect. Of course the parting words were “see you tomorrow”.

Our local mountains were looking particularly good this afternoon. No. 1 son informed me that he will be off to Zürich for the day on Saturday, so another day alone. I have already made a plan to go to the Saturday morning market. It must be years since I was there on Saturday. I remember my mother-in-law, it was here big day of the week going to the market on Saturday morning. She even planned her clothes around the market, dressed in her best, although I do not think that I will be dressed special for the occasion.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Let us hope that the weather remains good.