Good Evening

If you get high enough you have a good view of the surroundings, at least these two pigeons seem to think so. i was on a visit to Mr. Swiss in his home and we were having a wonderful relaxing afternoon sitting outside in the sunny weather, reading our books.

I have spent the morning with a duster in my hand and after a midday sleep made off to see Mr. Swiss.

There was not a lot happening in his home and the varioius animals were all taking it easy in the hot weather. These two rabbits seem to be content in a comfortable shady place.

And a goat was doing what most goats do – having a chew at the grass.

The turtles were doing what all turtles do, swimming around the pond. There are now twelve turtles, but they seem to be quite happy with their pond life. Otherwise nothing new and exciting happening here. I am having a bite to eat, some chips and cheese which is enough for a Sunday evening. It is always self service on Sunday.

And the local cat, Roschti, arrived for some tit bits from me. Afterwards he had a digestive sleep outside on my porch.