Good Evening

This is my front garden at the moment. One thing is good with the present weather situation, that the garden is really developing well. We get these high temperatures every year for a couple of weeks. It is usual here, but bearable, perhaps due to the higher altitudes. At this time of the year we always went on our Summer holidays, usually in the more mountainous areas, such as the Bernese Overland, so the heat never really bothered us so much.

I did visit Mr. Swiss this afternoon. My stepdaughter was also visiting so we spent the afternoon together with Mr. Swiss. It was a lovely afternoon and we had plenty to talk about. As she lives in Zürich she likes to leave mid afternoon to escape the traffic but she was already home after an hour’s drive.

The insects were busy in the garden and the hawk moths have now discovered my buddleia.

There were also a few butterflies but when I approach them for a photo they decide to fly away.

And so I have to do my best with a few bees that are pollen hungry,

From tomorrow No. 1 son begins his three week holiday, but he will be at home and no longer goes anywhere. He used to go to Italy for two weeks with a special groups for handicapped, but since Covid appeared they no longer have such holidays, so he is at home. Now and again he makes an excursion to Zürich or Bern and sometimes Geneva – it is all on the direct railway connection to our town.

I am now getting the evening meal ready and afterwards have a watering session in the garden, although it is really not so bad. Despite the high temperatures during the day, the garden is doing quite well. Hope you are all keeping your heads up despite the heat. Our local Jura mountains are still looking quite green. I took this photo from my garden.