Good Evening

Nothing special today and I soebt the afternoon with Mr. Swiss in the courtyard of his home. There were some other members of his home with their visitors also there. I had the opportunity to take a few photos of some of the surroundings, There is this old carriage parked there.

And someone had the strange idea of decorations with these spheres amongst the grass.

Otherwise I am now at home and busy on my computer. Every morning when I go to the computer I see the various messages in my e-mail. Mostly just stupid messages. Almost daily the Norton Virus protection system reminds me that my subscription is no longer, but the strange thing is I never had a subscription for them. They tell me that my computer is infected with various virus, even a Trojan – so stupid.

I also get many messages from ladies that tell me how good they are in bed, which does not interest me in the least and why me? Naturally I cancel it all and so the ladies have to make do with the sheets. Of course these messages are all computer generated and probably there is a room somewhere with 20-30 computers churning out this rubbish. Although I would add that these scam reports all arrive on my iPad, my computer just stops them arriving.

And that was today’s excitement and adventure.

I did have quite a good lunch with No. 1 son, just right for the hot weather. It is known as saltimbocca: some small slices of veal with a layer of smoked ham pinned together with a sage leaf on the top. My sage leaves have grown particularly well this year. Afterwards you fry it quickly, just a minute or two, not longer, in butter.

I served it with fresh green beans tossed in butter with garlic and shalottes accompanied with french fries, just ideal in this hot weather and that is my exciting day. Hope yours was also so interesting.