Good Evening

Another hot day today, but a cool breeze to help survival. I had a typical lazy Monday: clearing up after the week-end, although not a lot to clear up with just me and No. 1 son. No. 1 son decided to go to the local pool yesterday and I was alone at home. Today I visited Mr. Swiss in his home and we had a quiet relaxing afternoon.

We were sitting outside when I suddenly noticde that the birds were gathering on a roof.

The reason might have been when this duo arrived playing their special horns, which had the sound of Alpine horns, and I think the birds were disturbed by he tone of the instruments. I had never seen such an instrument before. I find it good that the home organises such interesting things for the people living there, although I think Mr. Swiss would prefer a jazz band.

The chickens were also having a problem with the heat and this one seemed to find it relaxing by digging a hole in the ground to keep cool.

This one decided to search for somewhere cooler.

The fish in the pond all gathered together. They are now growing. There used to be many tiny fish swimming but they are getting bigger, although they still have plenty of room. Must ask if Mr. Swiss has fish on the menu in his home in the next days.

I am not sure whether to give water to the garden this evening. According to the weather forecast for our area, and it is mostly correct, it will be raining some time at midnight and I am glad when I have no strenuous actions in the evening. Since No. 1 son is on holiday, I have absolutely no stress. I make something to eat in the evening whether he is home or not, and I put his food in the fridge so that he can eat when he arrives home. He is 52 years old and old enough to do his own thing in the evening. What a wonderful relaxed life I now have. No. 2 son phoned this morning and is OK although has a bit of stress with his work. I just love this Face time. It reminds me of the old science fiction where not only did the people call on their phones but actually saw who they were speaking to. This morning I saw No. 2 son and my grandchildren, although they also can be a handful for No. 2 son.

Tomorrow my cleaning lady his here, Lucia, and it is always interesting to hear how her week had been and what she plans for my home. Since it is just me at home, the emphasis is now on getting the apartment clean and tidy. It used to be mainly the bathroom, kitchen and shower, but they are now well organised. She does a great job and I am lucky to have her.

And I am now off for my evening adventure, probably with a book. Keep safe everyone and enjoy whatever you are doing.