Good Evening

I just had to enjoy the clouds today. I had not seen them for some time, due to the constant blue skies we are having in our European heat wave. It did cool down a little yesterday after the three storms we had, but that was not enough. Even the rain was just a drop on a hot stone. This morning we were back to the good old days of tropical temperatures. Thank goodness I have now parted with mg long hair, I feel like a new person.

This morning Mr. Swiss had to go to the hospital for a precautionary x-ray after his fall last week. He was worried he might have broken a rib, although his doctor had a look and said it was just heavily bruised and nothing broken. Luckily it was, although the hospital doc said it would take a time for the pain to recede. We decided it would be better to let him rest today after the examination where the doc prodded and pushed so that it hurt even more afterwards.

I decided to go into town this afternoon, although the sun was still burning down. I was getting low on wine for cooking and also decided I wanted to see something different.

I decided to go to the supermarket on the other side of the river.

They have this small restaurant there which is only open in the Summer months. It is very popular and it is direct on the side of the river.

In Summer it seems that our town is just one large restaurant, especially along the river. You just sit outside and enjoy the view and cool a little under the shades. I remember when Covid arrived, everything was closed down and there were no chairs or tables. This now seems to be a fading memory, although still lurking. However it is now transformed to a heavy cold and perhaps a day where you are not feeling so well – how things can change.

There is always room somewhere to sit and enjoy the weather, but this part is not so popular – perhaps because it is not direct on the river.

I made my way to the supermarket and picked up my wine. On the way I had the view of our restaurant mile along the river from the opposite bank.

And that was my afternoon. As I was leaving town I took this photo, but the police decided to steal the show with their car which was probably on a patrol or perhaps they were also taking some photos.

Eventually I arrived home and relaxed with an ice cream to cool down. I really have no stress at the moment. No. 1 son is on holiday, but he is no problem.

And I will now have a relaxed evening and enjoy the cloud watching. We are having a bit of a bother with insects at the moment, they are enjoying the hot weather, especially the wasps and mosquitos. The wasps you just have to avoid and for the mosquitos we have a special liquid that we put in a container attached to a plug. The liquid then distributes a scent that the mosquitos avoid. Yesterday I was a little too late in the living room and so a mosquito had a feast on my arm. Hope your days remain insect free.