Good Evening

This morning my son left for a day in Zürich and I was left alone to my own routine. What do you do on a Saturday? This was an easy decision, I escaped to our weekly market in our market town of Solothurn. It is not called a market town for nothing and the town was alive with crowds and market stands selling everything edible and naturally flowers.

There was a bit of everything to choose from. Bacon seemed to be a popular choice.

And there was a wonderful selection of cheese from all over Switzerland. I was not there to actually buy anything, but just to look and see the selections.

If you wanted something to eat with your cheese and bacon, there was also a good section of pickles and some salami.

I had not been to this particular market since at least 40 years. I never had the time to go. Saturday morning was filled with cooking lunch for two children and my husband and I could not allow myself to disappear for a couple of hours. The market begins early in the morning and at midday the market sellers are already removing their stands. There were quite lot of people on the market, but I managed to steer my scooter through the crowds and even met a few people that I know for a chat.

Various Summer flowers are also popular and the whole market was a pleasure to see.

There was even something for the music taste and this guy was good. Apparently he was performing to collect money for the music college.

And you find some interesting veg on the market. This is a special sort of cabbage, pointed cabbage. I like it very much. When it is available I like to get it to eat with perhaps bacon or smoked sausage.

You could even get home-made bread and jam.

After spending almost two hours on the market and making a short visit to the supermarket, it was time to go home. There was no-one waiting for me, but I was now feeling hungry and it was time to cook something for lunch. Hope you enjoyed visiting our market with me. I do not know if I will be able to do it again in the near future, perhaps I will have to wait another 40 years, but I hope not. I leave you with a sunflower greeting from the market.