Good Evening

So where did I go today, some place as always: the morning in my own four walls doing what I always do. Yesterday my cleaning angel was here. She used to clean the wet cells in the place, like kitchen, shower and bathroom but since Mr. Swiss is no longer here, things have changed. The bathroom is not used so much, just for cleaning teeth. I cannot get into the bath, and getting out of the bath is absolutely not possible.

I had the shower suited to my needs some time ago with a seat, so cleaning the bathroom is no longer a big deal. Lucia concentrates on other things and does it all so perfectly. Spiders have abandoned my place, they are not comfortable here, especially as their webs disappear before they finish making them. This week Lucia cleaned the hood over the cooking range and now it is perfect: fat free and clean. She even cleaned the integrated light and I did not even know there was one there, just took it for granted I suppose, but it is now perfect. She is now off for a week’s holiday staying with one of her many sisters in England. The Columbians certainly get around.

I naturally spent some time with Mr. Swiss. Yesterday he managed to have a fall, but luckily nothing broken: just a few bruised bones which will need some time to recover. He can still hobble around with his walker, but when you are 83 years old these accidents are not ideal.

I took my usual photos, but this time I had my Nikon camera with me. I have not used it for some time and had to learn the routine again. I find the only advantage as opposed to my telephone camera is that I can take close-ups much easier. Otherwise, quality wise, the iPhone camera is just as good.

Things are happening where I live. The majority of people living in our block have now at last voted that we should have a decalcification system for our water as we really do have a lot of lime. The work has now been done and we are all set for the better water quality. However not everything is so perfect as we imagine. We all received a letter telling us what we should know about softened water. Apparently we do not need so much washing powder or cleaning supplies and our dishwasher should be suited to the new water. As far as I am concerned it could have been left as it was. I grew up with lime in the water and I survived. We just used vinegar to clear away the lime from surfaces. Now I have to make a study of how to use my water. Why the bother, I ask myself. I suppose just another way to spend money.

I was just closing down for the day when I saw this butterfly on my echinacea. I have no idea what it is, looks a bit tatty on the wings, but it is probably its style.

Have a good day everyone and keep safe.