FOTD 10.07.2022: Orchid

It is happening again. I have eight orchids and three already have stems with promising buds. This one has the first flower up to now. I have had my orchids for about 8 years and they now behave quite well. Mr. Swiss also has an orchid in his home that they put in his room. I have been tending to it and yes, a new flower stalk has appeared. I think they gave it up in his home.

FOTD 10.07.2022: Orchid

Good Evening

Yesterday evening we had an interesting sunset. I make a habit of having a look late evening to see if there is anything happening above, and yesterday the sun was still hanging around somewhere and this was the result. Europe is living under one large heat wave at the moment and daily temperatures of 30° C are normal, although here is Switzerland we do get a nice cooling breeze and we have only reach 26°C up to now.

It seems the heat is not bothering the chickens and rabbits so much at the moment. The cook at the home where Mr. Swiss lives feeds them with the remains from the salad and vegetable dishes and they wait for it. As soon as he appears they all rush together and wait for the daily offerings.

It makes no difference if you have a beak or two long ears, food is food, although I notice that the rabbits tend to congregate where the carrot remains are.

The pigeons gathered on the nearby roof top watching and waiting to see if there was anything they could eat. This all happened yesterday but although I visited Mr. Swiss today we just sat outside enjoying the weather and reading or listening to music. Mr. Swiss no longer has very much energy to do a lot.

And now we have the week ahead of us, but I have absolutely no plans to do anything. OK, tomorrow is again market day, but this time the monthly market that always happens on the second Monday of the month. It is not so much fruit and vegetable, but household goods. I will probably go. I will see how I feel tomorrow. I never have a full programme on Monday.

I just finished watering the garden and now my chores are done for the day. Have a good week ahead.