FOTD 8th July 2022: Mallow

This is the surprise of the summer for me. When my gardener finished this lonely stalk with buds was left at the side of the garden. I asked the gardener what it was. He did not know but said it must be a summer flower and is full of buds. Yesterday the first bud opened and this giant flower appeared. It looks like a hibisuc but only the flower, its style is quite unique. I had a look in my plant finder ap and it tells me it is a Mallow, although I have never seen such a large mallow before. I am now waiting for the rest of the buds to open.

FOTD 8th July 2022: Mallow

Good Evening

I had a bit of stress yesterday and actually began writing, but I had so many interruptions that I had to give up. For a change I took a drive with the scooter through the surrounding countryside but when I got home I had to upload the photos and had too many telephone calls to finish anything. This photo is from today on my way home from Mr. Swiss.

Returning to yesterday the farmer was busy ploughing his fields and drying the grass for a nice supply of hay for the animals during the time of year when you have no fresh grass. There were tractors everywhere and I had to take care where I guided my scooter, as you need room to get past a tractor.

There was not a lot of animal life around but I did manage to capture the backs of these two horses as they were being taken somewhere.

There were a few chickens walking around,

but they were mostly in their coop out of the direct sunlight. The second coop was empty and the farmhand was giving it a good clean, probably getting ready for the next batch to arrive. The life of a chicken is not very bright when they no longer lay their eggs.

I also took a wheelie through the cemetery, but again met no-one there. Our cemetery seems to be always empty (above ground).

The border decoration in the cemetery with its mixture of lavender and roses is still flowering: a strange flower mixture, but it looks quite good.

In the meanwhile the farmer had a second harvester doing the work. It looks like the animals will have plenty to eat next Winter.

As I scootered through the area I found this view of the wheat field with the clouds quite imposing. Life in the surroundings is certainly developing well at the moment.

I eventually turned homewards after making a quick visit to Mr. Swiss. He is still recovering from his fall that he had down some steps. Nothing is broken, but I know how you need time to recover from the various bruises from the impact of hitting the ground. This was yesterday and today he is feeling a little better, but he said the most comfortable place for him at the moment is in bed.

Tomorrow No. 1 son has decided to go to Zürich for the day, just an hour away by train. I am not sad, as I can please myself what I do on Saturday, so I will probably be off to the fruit, vegetable and flower market in the morning. Saturday morning is when everyone goes, meet and greet each other and have fun. I am looking forward to it as it must be at least 30-40 years since I have been.

Enjoy the remains of Friday. I am now off to prepare the evening meal.