Good Evening

Another quiet Sunday and nothing special happening. Our social helper arrived this morning and got Mr Swiss ready for the day and I did my usual morning chores. Another bright and sunny day but a cold wind blowing.

I did not bother so much with photos today and the birds seemed to be quite happy and satisfied.

Son No. 2 called me today to say he will be visiting end january as our local spitex help organsation have called a conference at home. My doctor will be here, the person responsible for Mr. Swiss in the organisation and my son. Mr. Swiss future will be organised with talk about an automatic bed to improve his mobility. I will also be organising an emergency button at home which will enable me to call for help night and day if Mr. Swiss or I have an accident at home and fall. There will be a monthly charge for the service, but nothing impossible to afford and it will be more secure for all of us.

Our local crane is now a permanent fixture here and will be here for the next year when the new appartment block is built.

And that is all I have to say for today. Have a good Sunday everyone.

11 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Automatic beds make a huge comfort difference. We’ve had one for almost 20 years (the same bed, but we did have to finally get a new mattress a couple of years ago) and I can’t imagine trying to manage my spine without it. And having people “on call” is a great idea. We have Owen living here and in an emergency, his work is five minutes from the house. I still worry because Garry doesn’t hear well and if he has his headgear off, he can’t hear anything.

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    • We have beds that we can adapt by air pressure, but they have something fully electronic and I don’t know how they will adapt our beds with such a system


  2. Good Evening!
    although, I could have done without that last picture. I have always been impressed by the horticultural expertise there, so I do not doubt that someone knows what he or she is doing with that tree. Perhaps it got pollarded like that, with the intention of the process getting repeated with a bit of thinning to remove superfluous stems next winter. or in a few years.

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