Good Evening

Another uneventful day, although again there was a pleasant sunset developing around our estate. I had the usual visit of our carers for Mr. Swiss. This time a nurse also came along as the girl that was dealing with Mr Swiss was learning. My husband seemed to be a little tired today, although so was I.

There was another new bird in the garden today and I have no idea what it was. It seemed to be bigger than the blackbird and preferred to observe perched on a tree branch.

This robin also appeared. I had never seen such a fat robin, but I think he was showing off by puffing up his feathers. It was a cold day, but pleasant with plenty of sun.

The robin eventuallly moved on to have a drink of water, still puffed up. Perhaps he wanted to impress a lady robin, after all Spring is hopefully just around the corner.

One of the local cats, joux-joux, also appeared but not finding any available bird life decided to move on.

A tit was watching the events from a tree branch and that was my excitement for the day.

This evening I will probably have an early night. There is no washing to be done, just the dishwasher to use. I completed my shopping order to be delivered on Friday morning from the local supermarket and am all set for the week-end.

And now to leave you all for my evening. See you around