Good Evening

It was quite a sunny afternoon this afternoon although not so warm. As I never go anywhere at the moment I could not make the most of the weather. The carpenter arrived after lunch and fitted up my letter box with a box for my key. It has a code to open it so if we have an accident we can now just contact the alarm people and they can come and and get the key to our appartment as they have the code. We certainly feel a little safer. The main problem would be during the night but they have a 24 hour service.

We had a visit from a magpie in the garden this morning. It was probably searching for some peanuts or walnuts but was satisfied with what it found on the ground.

The blackbird was also here, and has become a regular visitor with other members of its family.

I decided to make a pizza for the evening meal, altthough this time I did it with bought pastry and did not make it myself. It was just a plain pizza with some artichoke hearts and tomatoes with mozarella cheese and some Swiss airdried ham. We have some left which will do for tomorrow evening.

And that was my exciting day. Have a good evening.I leave you with a view of our local Weissenstein mountain which does have a layer of snow on the top slope next to the restaurant.