Good Evening

And the day begun with yet another wonderful sunrise, although afterwards the sun disappeared and we now have a very dull day. It was a morning with my cleaning lady and the carer for my husband. In between I had a grocery delivery. Sometimes I am glad for these variations in my routine to break up the monotony. I have other people to talk to and my cleaning lady fixed up my printer with the new ink refills although I still have to order a large sized refill for the black ink. When everything is ready I can at last begin to print the copies of my tax documents.

The sparrows were quite busy this morning and for the first time I noticed that they actually take a bath in the water I leave for them. They really seem to enjoy splashing around in the water one at a time, and they get quite impatient when the bath is occupied.

Blackbirds are also increasing in numbers and this morning I saw at least four of them in the garden. I think the are planning on their future with their families.

I even managed to capture one in flight, although not such a clear photo.

And naturally a sparrow also had to show some flying tricks.

This afternoon I was on the computer but naturally had some interruptons from Mr. Swiss with various tasks I had to do for him. He is really not in so perfect shape, but I do my best and he even put on three kilo in weight and is now 47 Kg. I know it does not sound very much but it is an improvement. I wish he had more interests, but he no longer reads or even watches the TV and sitting in the living room is difficult for him to get comfortable, so he is mainly in bed. Yes, old age can be unpleasant and it happened so quickly.

I am now off to deal with the remainder of the day, being a relaxing TV evening and putting Mr. Swiss to bed with his medicine. Take care and have a good evening.