Good Evening

Things got a little too much for me yesterday. I started my evening blog, but I decided to leave it until was feeling a little more relaxed. Mr. Swiss was not being so co-operative and I think things got a little too much for him and it was too much for me eventually. I organised our wheelchair for in the apartment to improve his mobility, but this was not a good idea. He decided to move to the bed and fell in between, resulting that I had to call the ambulance people to get him in an upright position again. He had no injuries but I have now removed the wheelchair. He is better with his walker where I can help him with his movements. I had a very nice young man from the local helping organisation yesterday and today. He seemed to be quite young, but very capapble and he told me that if something like that happens I can also call his organisation. It would cost less than the ambulance help (although the insurance covers it at the moment) and it is part of their emergency work. I am so glad for that organisation, they do so much to help.

Otherwise the day passed quite well.

I had a visit from this bird outside. I see them now and again and I think it might be a bullfinch: a lot bigger than the robin, although it also has a red breast.

We had some snow flurries today so the birds were gathered in the bird house.

Some preferred to take their pickings from the ground, but they all seemed to be quite happy.

A magpie paid me a visit yesterday. I discovered some walnuts and peanuts in the kitchen and they are always grateful for an addition to their menu, especially the bigger nuts. They are very quick so I have to be quick with the camera. I see them in the tree and then they land on the ground, see the reward and quickly fly off with it in their beak.

And now I am going to fly off to the TV and see what Mr. Swiss is doing. I leave you with one of my morning photos as it began to get brighter.