Good Evening

This afternoon we had clouds. Nothing spectacular, but they were there. The sun was a little rare today, but the warm weather remains. There was nothing spectacular happening today. I did manage to fall but this time in was in the bedroom and with the help of my No. 1 son and the bed I managed to get back on my legs again.

I spent an hour ironing this afternoon, but at last have sorted all the clothing Mr. Swiss brought home from his clinic stay and everything is sorted. I had never had so many pyjamas. I really have to keep a careful eye on Mr. Swiss. He is quite uncertain on his legs.

The sparrows were quite thirsty today

but hunder prevailed as usual.

The tit prefers to balance on the cocnut shell and peck out the goodies.

And that is all I have to show today. I live quite an isolated life inHa Winter, although this year it is quite pleasant with no snow and quite warm. My groceries are brought from the store and I no longer need to go anywhere for shopping. There is also an advantage of keeping away from the dreaded Covid invasion.

And now for the first week of the new year and am I glad those stupid holidays are over and life can get back to normal. Keep safe and well.