Good Evening

I could almost call this a Winter Wonderland. I suppose snow does have its good side, although I sometimes have problems to find it. However, my freezer is full and my refrigerator so we will not starve. Today I realised that since the last week of November I have not been anywhere outside my home. My excursions to town, the local castle and otherwise along the river are long gone. Thank goodness for my Front and back gardens and the birds that have adopted them as their winter feeding home.

Today they stayed under the roof of their feeding place to avoid the falling snow. By the end of the day the food store in the middle of their house was completely empty, but I still have ten kilo of food to last for a while.

There were also some sparrows that discovered their own private feeding place, and the snow was still falling. It snowed until mid afternoon and now we have evening, so it has started to snow again.

Mr. Swiss had his usual morning visit from the helping assistants and I am so glad for their help. They will also be coming on Saturday and Sunday. I got a new supply of medicine for the next week. It is really well organised. I also discovered that my organisation is getting better. We have a wheelchair at home and today I organised it for Mr. Swiss. Luckily we have enough room in the appartment to use it. There is no reason now to have a perfectly designed living room, it now has to be practical. enough open spaces to move in without having an accident by coliding with pieces of furniture and now organising the table in the kitchen to push Mr. Swiss to his eating place instead of complicated moving from the walker to the chair. I have already prepared him for bed and will call in later with his medicine for the night. One thing has become quite clear, and it was always a belief for me. When your marry and have a partner you care for them always as long as it is possible. I have also reliased that such situations can be a burden on the nerves, but with time and patience, the situation adjusts itself.

I am really not sure if this is a blackbird that appears in my garden regularly. Either it has put on weight or it is something bigger.

I am now ready for a television evening and some relaxation and I wish you the same for the rest of the day.