Good Evening

And it was really a good evening as the sunset deveolpped with its beautiful colours in the background. The view is looking towards the West. We speak Swiss German in our part of Switzerland, but just half an hour by train to the next town of Biel/Bienne they begin to speak French and further West you arrive in Neuchâtel where only French is spoken. We are quite a polyglot country.

Otherwise a normal day with the oldies, no longer as golden as they were. We had yet another different guy today to see to Mr. Swiss in the morning. He was very nice and was a so-called survivor from the Covid illness. He had it but is now recovered and was the first person I had spoken to that had had this illness. He said it was just like a bad flu but after the recovery he was OK.

There were not so many birds arriving today, but the hungry ones always arrive.

I spent the afternoon settling a few bills. Mr. Swiss credit card had been hacked and it was a real mess. It has now been dealt with and settled thank goodness. Someone was buying films and paying subscriptions with his card. He did not notice it but I did and complained. Because I did not have authority over his card at the time and he was away in hospital and rehab it got very complicated for me. Now that has been sorted. I now have power of attorney over his account and when everything is finalised we will cancel his card as he really no longer needs it. I am not even sure if I will keep mine. I definitely no longer travel and can pay online with my post office or bank card.

In the meanwhile I am still getting documents for the tax authorities which I will also have to deal with eventually. My new way of life is gettig very complicated.

The birds really seem to have it easier. They pay no tax or rent.

I now wish everyoe a good evening and night, time to settle down with the TV for me. Sleep well and tight and do not let the bed bugs bite (Swiss saying translated).