Good Evening

Another nice sunny day today, but cold. At least the Winter snow is having a pause. We are already half way though January.

Our local cat Röschti was a visitor today and so I gave him his usual special treat.

Not far behind was Joux-joux who never gives up, so she also got some treats and now I seem to have a happy cat population,.

Birds were fewer today There are a pair of blackbirds that frequently visit. I supposed they will eventually have a family and there will be little blackbirds at nesting time.

The tit is another regular visitor, and likes to feed from the birdhouse.

The builders were back at work today on the new appartment block and there were a few mobile concrete mixers travelling back and forth.

Mr. Swiss had his usual visits from the nursing helpers. It is a larger team of helpers, but gradually I am gettig to know them all. Today two arrived. I had to put new bed linen on Mr. Swiss bed and one of them helped me. I was glad of her assistance and she told me it is part of her job to relieve me of more work.

There was an interesting band of cloud over the local Jura and our local mountain Weissenstein today and worth a photo.

And that was my day today. I wish you all a good remainder of the day.