RDP Sunday: Debillitating

Today I have one of my depressed moods and everything is debillitating. Mr. Swiss is not longer the Mr.Swiss I knew, but a functioning biological creature that is dependent on my help for the best part of the the day and the night. He has mental probIems and I am deprived of my normal sleep, my life is a cleaning episode and I am glad to be able to snatch an hour in the evening for myself. Sorry to be so negative, but after a month of these problems I now have problems which I hope to solve


RDP Sunday: Debillitating

Good Evening

That was the mood of the day: cloudy with a little sun in between and our cranes ready to work next week. At the week-end they are still. Mr. Swiss had his usual carer this mornng. I almost overslept, not that I am going anywherebut I do like to get the bathroom nice and tidy for when she arrives, although not really necessary. They always clean up when they are finished. They also help me to put new bed linen on the bed if necessary and this morning it was again necessary. I do not know how long I can do this. On Tuesday we have our meeting and decisions will be made. I have already made mine.

At least I had some nice bright scenes outside to cheer me up.

The robin paid a short visit, but did not stay long.

And the usual crowd of sparrows with a blackbird decided to discover something to peck at.

The sparrows were quite thirsty.

And that is all I have to say at the moment. Sometimes I would like to have my old life back again, sitting in silence with only the TV sometimes in the background or the radio is not such fun.

Enjoy the Sunday aand have a good week.