Good Evening

Actually I was thinking about taking a week off from my daily blogs. I am getting tired and a little exhausted with dealing with Mr. Swiss and his care. However, today I did manage a few photos of my bird friends and we have an interesting sky. I think I need these things for a change.

I did have an interesting variety yesterday, although not really wanted. I managed to block my toilet yesterday with various sorts of paper used for the care of Mr. Swiss. I should have been more careful, as toilets are built for toilet paper and not wet papers or other such cosmetic articles. I phoned my plumber and he phoned the company who deals with blocked drains but it seems they could only come at the beginning of the afternoon. The guy arrived at 1.00 p.m. and lo and behold when he pressed the lever the toilet had managed to unblock itself. However, he had a look at all my drains. My kitchen sink was not working well for some time and he said if I wanted to he would do it. I decided it would be a good idea and so he set to work. The company had the wonderful name of Kanal Tiger although he was quite gentle with my drainaged pipes. He was a very nice guy and we had a good conversation whilst he was at work. He was an expert on drain clearage and had some wonderful machines with very long cables making interesting noises as they were working. On the photo you can see him at work. After an hour the job was done and I must say it was worth it. I now have a perfect draini system and am now very careful what goes down them.

It was particularly bothersome as the lady arrived from the care group for Mr. Swiss and had to do the necessary in the shower as I had managed to set the bathroom under water when the toilet overflowed.

As usual the blackbirds arrived

with the sparrows.

I had some interesting spectators watching my movements during the day.

It is now time to prepare an evening meal. At least I have been here and done something.