Good Evening

And another glorious dawn breaks over the village. They are beginning to all look the same, but at least we have a dawn and not just grey clouds.

Had some unwanted excitement this afternoon Mr. Swiss decided to go to the kitchen and managed to fall and when he falls he cannot get up again, something like my problem. However the group that helps me to care for Mr. Swiss have a system. You pay for it, but not so much as for the hospital rescue. It was almost installed today. I have direct radio contact and just press a button I have on a strap on my wrist. I tell them what has happened and within about 15 min someone arrives to help. Mr. Swiss was back on his feet and everything under control. Tomorrow the carpenter arrives and fits up a box in the letter box for night emergencies with a key to our appartment so that they enter if we are not able to open the door. What could be bettr.

In the meanwhile we had some interesting clouds above this afternoon.

I had a nice variety of birds outside all in and around the bird house: a robin, tit and a sparrow to add some colour to it all.

I had a lovely female blackbird with some nice colouring. It is only the males that are really black with their yellow beaks.

I am now off for the evening to relax before my night of drama and terror with Mr. Swiss. How a person can change in old age is really bad I must say.