RDP Wednesday: Song

And another musician begins to sing in our town. During the summer they are regulars. I happen to know this guy. He plays for various groups in our area and now and again decides to do a solo on the street, and he is good. I once joined in with a song and he stopped singing and let me take over. OK, it was just a joke, so we both had a laugh.

RDP Wednesday: Song

Good Evening

I just took a look out of the window and realised that evening is really approaching, although our crane is illuminating the surroundngs with its advertising sign and even the moon put in a scythe appearance. It really makes the surroundings a little mysterious. This week no-one is working on the building, they still have their holidays. If you need a plumber, a builder, an electrician or any workmen at the moment, they are still on their two week holiday for Christmas and New Year. You just have to hope that you have no emergencies.

The birds never have a holiday and are constantly on the search for food, although two of them decided to have a chat on the roof of the bird house.

I noticed that a blackbird was amongst the sparrows today, but they all see to be friendly with each other.

I had another day at home today. Mr. Swiss helper arrived this morning to get him out of bed and ready for the day, although afterwards Mr. Swiss decided to continue he relaxations on the bed. I was expecting my large delivery from the supermarket main center. I heard the doorbell ring quite early, and had a look but there was no-one at the door. I was still waiting for the delivery when No. 1 son went to the letter box to get the post and discovered that the supermarket had put the two large wooden containers outside. The were mainly filled with frozen goods so were packed in ice. This was most inconvenient. The guy did not wait for me and dumped everything, meaning that the box for frozen goods was left at my door. I now have to pay 20 francs deposit for it, although the next time they come they will take it and I get the money refunded. They just did not wait a couple of minutes. I was probably not fast enough for them with my MS handicap and he did not bother to ring again. I got all the goods I needed and son No. 1 put them in my freezer. I am now OK for food for the next month with the other goods I order, which reminds me have to complete and send my order for Friday delivery which will cover my requirements untl Tuesday whe I get the next delivery.

I woke up to see that our local Jura mountains had a layer of snow. I suppose that means that the nice warm weather is no longer and snow will be arriving, although at the moment just on the higher slopes.

On this colder note I leave you until tomorrow. I just realised I have been nowhere for the past 3-4 weeks I suppose I have become a hibernating human.