Good Evening

We had another good sunrise this morning and this time I watched it happen. At first it was just grey clouds and slowly there was a streak of red on the horizon. It grew wider and the sunrise was perfect. However, it did not last very long and the sun disappeared leaving a grey day, although not cloudy.

Towards North the Jura mountains also had few clouds and I saw the red light warning that a train was approaching on our local railway.

The birds were also few and far in between, mainly sparrows.

I had a hectic morning. First of all I got a telephone call from the Nutritional expert at the local hospital for Mr. Swiss. He is really under weight and I was surprised and pleased how they were still taking care of his condition. I told her he eats almost no meat and only nibbles at his food. What she advised surprised me and not at all the healthy fresh veg food that I expected. No, he must eat plenty of carbohydrates: cream, pasta, ice cream and butter. This is no big problem for me as I cook almost everything in butter, soak my veg in butter and love a cream sauce with the meat. It seems this is what he needs to gain his lost weight and energy. Cheese is also on the list, but unfortunately he is not a fan. He has received bottles of health drink packed with nutritional value which is should drink during the day. And I will be recieving them weekly from the hospital supplier, all on the cost of the sickness insurance. In between snacks are recomended and also ice cream. What a lovely diet. I had a slice tined pineapple left from the ham yesteay and give him that with some whipped cream. I asked him if he wanted some ice cream as a dessert and he found was happy.

Just as the lady was finished on the telephone the doorbell rang and it was the Swiss support organisation. As Mr. Swiss had already washed the guy decided to deal with the medicine programme and that is a programme. He has now sorted it all for morning, aternoon, evening and before retiring for the night and their organisation will be renewing weekly.

Not only have I now become an accountant with dealing with all our financial matters, but am now an expert on medicine. The organisation will be visiting 2-3 times a week so I no longer feel myself so alone with the problems of having an invalide at home. Growing old isreally not fun. I am glad that he sleeps well during the night and I get enough rest as well.

And now to move on with the evening entertainment. Keep safe and I am hoping for a more relaxed day tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. It’s a different routine, but it sounds like one that won’t be difficult to follow! Rest is important for both of you, but I’ll bet it’s good to have him home, even with all the adjustments! Happy New Year!

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  2. That’s my kind of diet! And what kind of Swiss is Mr. Swiss, he comes from the region with my favorite cheese that I would be over the moon to have some of. He needs to scrutinize his nationality and eat some Emmenthaler 😉

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  3. I’m glad you are getting help with all of this. Mr Swiss’s diet sounds kind of yummy. Cheese? Oh, yes, please! And pasta with alfredo sauce? I am in heaven!

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  4. Garry has also gotten very thin. He eats dinner, but the rest of the day, he eats maybe a couple of slices of toast. It’s really hard to get a grown man to eat when he says he isn’t hungry. Please let me know how it goes for you. If you have any advice, I could sure use it! We have one household where our son Owen is ON a diet, Garry looks — in my opinion — skeletal — and I eat as much as I can, but am slowly but surely dropping weight — about a pound a month for the past 20 months. Oddly, it coincides with lockdown, though as far as I can tell, I’m eating exactly what I ate before but my body is behaving differently.

    I love your sunrise. Every morning I look outside and it’s still grey, still raining. Tonight, though, we’re expecting snow. Not much. Maybe an inch or two. The last week was warm — springtime weather — but today, it’s actually winter outside. Climate change also means we have no idea what to expect from one day to the next.

    Good luck with the whole eating thing. I’ve been battling this issue with Garry for a few years. He’s about 30 pounds less than he should be and he’s not exactly a giant to begin with.

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    • It’s a difficult problem to tackle. Marcel is also now skeletal as you say.He is not as tall as I am and has now shrunk more and his back is curved. He also has problems with walking and getting up from the chair. Age can be difficult to handle. The lady that called me gave me all sorts of advice and it seems he really has to go on a carbohydrate diet, meaning eat all you want and make sure it is fatty and creamy. He is now down to 49 Kilo and used to be 80. My weight remains the same. I still enjoy food, but one good helping is enough. I just have to be careful with the sugar intake. Our weather is more early Spring at the moment. I no longer have to go anywhere, I now get everything delivered that I need: fresh and good with no delivery charges. I think I should now take my schooter and whellchair for a ride to keep the batteries working.


  5. We went through this with my mother … keep an eye to make sure he is getting plenty of fiber for his digestive system. Take care and have a great day … SLP …

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