14 thoughts on “FOTD 27th April 2021: Lilac

  1. I’ve been watching our lilac for signs of impending flowers. We have leaves and the tree (it’s too big to be a bush!) looks healthy. But it is such an old lilac, it doesn’t flower much except at the very top anymore. It’s still my favorite spring flower because they were blooming when Owen was born. My room was full of cut lilacs 🙂

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  2. We have plenty of cherry blossom and magnolia in our area but no lilac as such. I have just ordered 3 dwarf lilacs (they were in a sale) and I hope they arrive soon. I doubt they will bloom this year but maybe next. I love lilacs and I had 3, white, mauve and deep purple in my former house with the big garden. Now I have a tiny plot with my ground-floor flat I cram it full of everything I can but I think I’m inclined to overdo it! Things are getting crowded out.

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