Good Morning

As I am writing the sun appears. It was a little reluctant this morning and I am not sure if it will stay, so let us hope for the best. I am not planning on any excursions today and will be isolating again. Yesterday I was in town, mainly hunting for a few groceries. Although I have nearly all delivered, I still like to wander around the supermarket. They often have special offers I do not get and I can socialise a little more. Just sitting at home can bear a little on the mind. I had a bit of a pickle with the polenta delivered from the store. They did not have the one I ordered so sent me a substitute.That is no big problem, but my substitute was half the weight and the quality was too fine for my taste. It was also an “Aha” type which is for those with the digestive problems, or those that think they have them. I wrote and complained and was delighted to receive a very nice answer full of apologies and they would make sure in future that the people sorting the substitutes would be more careful. They even said they were deducting the price from my bill and I could keep the substitute. I could give it to someone if I could not use it. I found that very fair. It was a good excursion, meeting a colleague and having a short conversation in the store. Afterwards I met a couple I know on the way home. Since my Winter isolation I had missed having a few social contacts (not too close of course). It was good to talk again. At home Mr. Swiss likes to read and conversation only seems to revolve around food or I have a little conversation with the neighbour’s cat although he is not such a talkative type.

Roschti the neighbour’s cat prefers to observe from a distance.

The birds seem to have been waiting for the food collection to be replenished.

Otherwise there was not very much action yesterday. I decided to pep up the cold meats in the evening with a caprese salad. I think that it what it is called in english: tomatoes, basil and mozarella.

It was quite a plate full but Mr. Swiss and I managed the half and my No. 1 son enjoyed the other half. I had bought two pots of basil from the store and decided it was time that I used it. I quite like basil with Italian dishes and am planning on a margherita pizza: not what I would say a family favourite, but one of my favourites.

They have activated the fountains on one of the squares on the edge of the town. Many years ago, when I arrived here, there was a fountain with a few sculptures. Afterwards they built the car park beneath the square and decided to make a new design and removed the old fountain. I never really liked it, a bit boring and dull. after 40 years it seems that it will be renewed with something else.

And I am now off for the usual chores, a relaxed day today actually. Have a good one, keep your distance, wear your mask and open the windows. You know all about it. Actually the Brits added the bit about letting the fresh air circulate. To my past experience in the denizens of East London, it was not advisable to open windows – too many fumes from the passing traffic. A wonder that the covid hairy pins survived in the exhaust fumes.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos of the kitty and the salad … I have heard of that name caprese but did not know it was that combination … which we eat a lot … and this year with 9 (count ’em .. nine ..) tomato plants … we will plan to eat a LOT of salad plates … now I just need to get a goat and we can make our own cheese !!! (Yeah … right …my wife thinks I am serious …). Take care and have a great day .. it is supposed to get up near 90 fahrenheit here today … I am so happy … yesterday I pulled on a pair of shorts .. closed my eyes and said a prayer to the saviour as I slowly let the elastic waist band tighten around my equator .. saying please .. please … and … voila … they fit !!! They actually fit better than they did the last time I wore them which was a year ago … so that’s GREAT news going forward … have a great day .. .SLP …

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    • I used to grow tomatoes, but mainly in large pots. In the garden I had to cover them to protect them from the rain and in the pots they were sheltered. I was quite successful, grew them from seed and they tasted much better. Now it would be too much hard work for me. Today we have a bit of everything It is not so cold, but has now got a bit of wind and I think it will begin to rain. I wore shorts a few weeks ago in a spot of warm weather, but have now put them away again. It was a little too soon. I will try again next week if the weather stays OK.


  2. Thank you for the dinner suggestion! I have tomatoes and basil in my refrigerator and as I am going food shopping this morning, I am going to pick up some mozzarella. Little Roschti…such a cutie. The other little one doesn’t come by as frequently?

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  3. Good Day!
    That fountain really does look rather bland for such a distinctive town. I remember when those sorts of fountains became popular. San Jose got a big one in the middle of downtown several years afterward. Kids enjoy running through it when the weather gets warm. Los Gatos got a smaller version late in the game, but also demolished a nice old fountain to get it. The new fountain is not completely flat. Large boulders are set into the pavement. It seems dangerous to me, as kids runt through the fountain.

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