Good Morning

Morning Sky

Mr. Swiss just said to me, outside on the porch, the weather does not look as bad as they said, and I must agree. Yesterday was blue skies and warm. Rain was predicted for today. Perhaps, but a remainder of blue is still peeping through a few clouds.

Yesterday I decided to give my wheelies a last chance. Who knows how soon the Winter will be and ventured once again into town, but this time took the North approach (it is only a small town, so NSEW are near to each other). One of the wealthiest inhabitants of our town has his villa/palace on this road by the name of Von Vigier. He spent most of his working life in London in the banking area, passed away some time ago, and his daughters inherited the rest.

Von Vigier House 05.09 (4)

As most of the rich and lovely people, he lived in his villa surrounded by high walls, but you always had a peep at the entrance as the gates are mainly open.

Von Vigier House 05.09 (1)

He has a super english garden with shaped bushes and it is known here. I must say that once a year, on a Sunday, the garden is open to the public. It is published in the newspaper when and worth a sight seeing. I have never been, and this year’s opportunity was in Summer, but next year I will go and have a look. I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity for some good photos, if I am allowed to take some.

Untere Steingrubenstrasse 05.09 (2)

I wheeled on through the Untere Steingrubenstrasse which leads into town eventually. Since I have been touring the town, I am getting to know all the names of the streets when I upload the photos into my album. I know the route quite well, as we always drive through when we go to the supermarket, but doing it personally with time to take some photos is much better.

Gurzelngasse 05.09 (1)

Wednesday afternoon is a free afternoon for the school kids, so there were a few families in town. I am not sure if they are really looking for something to buy, as the only functioning shops we now seem to have are restaurants and a few remaining clothes shops or shops with electric stuff. Since online buying is the thing to do, the face of the towns is gradually changing to hairdressers and food places that you cannot do yourself. As you can see I was again confronted with the modern old fashioned cobble stones. No wonder everyone walks around in Nikeys or sketchers, they are less a risk. Wheeling along I tend to get bumped around. I now know the exact layout of the paving, some places being better than others.

Kronegasse 05.09 (2)

One of the reasons I like going into town is that there is always something different. I saw these floodlights that were shining on the name of our oldest hotel opposite the cathedral. It seems that Napoleon and Casanova both spent a couple nights in the hotel, although Casanova spent more nights with Lady Von Roll (another prominent local industrial family) in her villa opposite. Here is what they were highlighting.

Kronegasse 05.09 (3)

The hotel was closed last year for complete modernisation and it would not surprise me if a Swiss television programme was being planned. The name “Krone” means Crown, but it is known in better circles in the French version of “Hotel de la Couronne”.

And now it was time to wheel back home down the Kronestutz (Crown Slope) and across the Rötibruck (Röti Bridge) and along the River Aare to Feldbrunnen where I live. I had been away for some time, but had fun. Mr. Swiss was thingking about a search party. Of course I met my swan pairs on the way home on the river. They are always in the same place at the same time having a feather cleanup. I think they wait for my camera.

Swan 05.09 (7)

Although this one seemed to be on the search for something to eat in the depths of the River Aare.

And today? Not sure. If it rains I will be at home, but if the weather is good I will be on my way again. It is not only the photography but I notice it is almost therapy to get out. Wheelchairs have the advantages that you can just sit and observe and I love driving it. I am becoming quite the racing wheeler.

Make the most of the day wherever you are, there is always a silver streak somewhere even if it is only a plane flying past in the sky and those of you that are preparing for bed or already there, sleep well and sweet dreams. I am off with my vacuum cleaner and afterwards take my morning shower.


10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yesterday Solothurn was featured (with St. Gallen, Neuchatel and Schaffhausen!) as small cities “worth visiting.” Considering that those small cities are three of the loveliest things I’ve seen in CH I kind of took issue with “worth visiting.”

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