A Photo a Week Challenge: Ready, Set, Action


In 2009 the Tour de Suisse took a route through our village. It is our national cycling race, the Swiss equivalent of the Tour de France and the guys on the bikes are international champions in Europe. It is an annual race for a couple of weeks, and there are daily stages of various routes to take, eventually covering all Switzerland It is quite an event and my neighbour told me it would be going through our village so we waited patiently together on the pavement for it to arrive. First there were a few preliminary cars driving through, after a couple of motor bikes that then the field of cyclists. There are many, but they have such a speed on the bikes that it seems to be through the village in a flash. This was 9 years ago and since 2009 the route has not involved our village.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Ready, Set, Action

RDP Sunday: Panoply

Armoury, Solothurn

Does it rhyme with an e or perhaps with a y,
I have no idea, and so I must try
My computer says the e and so here I go
but where is my armour, oh yes, now I know
I do not wear it on my body for everyone to see
but have my own method, it goes everywhere with me
I broke my elbow some years ago, it was wired together again
Drilling holes in bones made sure that I had no pain
The wire was strong and woven together, it really looked quite good
The main thing was my arm was attached to the shoulder where it should
Two years later I did it again, but this time called a fracture
Fifteen screws and a metal plate later, it was a manufacture
I was now the stainless steel woman, almost being bionic
ten years later I broke my leg, now this was becoming chronic
But with two steel screws to attach my knee and a pin inside the bone
I was soon walking again, I did not want to moan
And now I wear my panoply and do it all with pride
you cannot see it, of course you can’t, I wear it all inside

RDP Sunday: Panoply

FOWC with Fandango: Bottle

Bottle Bank

Remember the days of the good old glass bottles. You paid a little extra for the beer or cola but that was the deposit for the glass bottle: no problem. You returned the bottle and got the money back. It was not very much, but no fish got his fins tangled in plastic and did not choke on a piece of plastic. It was glass and glass could be used again, if you did not return it for the deposit. My mum never threw a glass bottle away because it might come in useful. They never did, but glass was not plastic and the glass bottle was something not classified as litter.

I never heard of an ocean animal, fish or whatever, choking on a piece of glass. Broken glass fell to the bottom of the sea, where there was sand and what is one of the main components of sand? Yes, glass. Of course you can still buy your Chanel No. 5 perfume in a glass bottle. I suppose no-one would really buy their perfume in a plastic bottle.

And so today we live in the age of plastic. Ask the fish, it has become part of their environment. there is now more plastic in the ocean than water in some places and the fish do not appreciate  being choked by a plastic string, or having their gills tangled in pieces of plastic. The result is now that a few enterprising people are designing machines to suck up the plastic in the sea. We humans are so good. First of all we kill the fish with plastic and afterwards we remove the plastic with a machine – how logical. Something wrong in the thought process there.

Our  local supermarket is doing its little bit. They have now installed a recycling wall. The idea is to deposit your plastic in the holes in the wall, but not everything in the same place. It is all according to size and what the plastic bottle contained, although probably when collected it all goes in the same bin and is chopped up to small pieces and bottles are made again.  I saw them do it with glass. The glass was divided into colours, white, brown and green, but when emptied it all came together for reprocessing. Yes recycling has become a question of logistical thinking.

Ten green bottles standing on the wall
Ten green bottles standing on the wall
and if one green bottle should accidentally fall
the forget it, there will always be a few thousand more to replace it.

Emptying the garbage containers 06.09 (3)

FOWC with Fandango: Bottle

Good Morning

Solothurn 22.09.2018

Our town of Solothurn is showing itself from the red and white side at the moment due to the opening of the local trade fair. There are banners hanging everywhere on the bridges and the streets. The photo is of our bicycle bridge leading into the old town with the Jura mountains in the background. I arrived yesterday afternoon. There is an underground tunnel to cross the road to get to the entrance of the fair and I think it was the first time that I had to wait to get into the line of people as I have to take the slope part and not the stairs due to my wheelchair, but no problem. It used to be a bit of a Mr. Swiss and me visit, but he can no longer walk so well and I am wheelchair bound for long distances. He never did like crowds in any case and since I have become independent thanks to my chair, I do my own thing for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Now I am let loose so make the most of it, with the camera of course.

HESO 2018 22.09 (4)

There were the usual kiosks selling the fast sort of hand food at the entrance in a row. As I entered the main area the crowds increase, but it was all down in the old moat mostly. I took most of the photos with the zoom as it was not made for wheelchairs.

HESO 2018 22.09 (12)

This was the first year that they had even installed steps down to the bottom and there was no longer a petting zoo for the kids. There was a track made for the racing piggies. I do not know how that works, but it seemed to be quite an attraction and I had no chance to get closer. There were people everywhere.

HESO 2018 22.09 (23)

I moved onto the part where they had various booths with fairground sort of stuff where you could win all sorts of fancy dolls. I managed to get through quite well and people were very considerate about moving to one side. I took many photos, some very interesting, but will show them now and again in a challenge. As I was sitting in my chair I felt someone tap me on the arm and give a friendly greeting. It was the lady who was in charge of our village group for first aid help, where I did the accounts. I had not seen her for some time. She was with her daughter who is a neighbour of mine, but we rarely see each other. That is the nice thing about those local fairs, you meet people again.

I saw that all the large tents were made easy to navigate by wheelchair, but decided to save that visit for later. The fair in on for 9 days in all, so I have plenty of time. I moved into town and saw that there was also some action there.

Street Musicians 22.09 (4)

This group of street performers where very good. They all seemed to be French speaking and the young lady had a really powerful voice. I watched for a while and could have stayed longer, but decided to roll my way home again.

Swans 22.09 (5)

As I crossed the river the swans appeared again: this was in the town part. I noticed that the cygnets were no longer cygnets and have developed a real mixture of colours before getting their final white coat of feathers.

Yes life in our little town of Solothurn is good, always something different happening: not always but most of the time. Mr. Swiss remarked when I got home that he did not realise I was such a fan of the local town, but quite honestly I now just do my own thing. It would be nice to go together, but he does not really enjoyed all the rummel and I am now the lone rider in the wheelchair with the camera, but I enjoy it very much.

Today I will probably not go anywhere. It is pleasant at the moment with some sun, but the wind is picking up slowly and the storm of the year has been reported for this evening with warnings to tie everything down outside and to beware. I have already started to move my potted plants inside. It is 9.00 in the morning at the moment. No. 1 son only arrived home this morning at 4.00 am from a night out, but as soon as he is in action I will engage him to move most of the outside porch objects to their winter quarters in the cellar – the various ornaments and a couple of chairs and a small table.

And now to start cooking lunch – we decided on a pork roast and noodles, so no big work. I hope your all have a wonderful Sunday and if you are not going places and seeing things, then stay in bed – why not, that is also fun.

HESO 2018 22.09 (1)

Yes, our fair even has its own little train circulating around the town. We have everything in Solothurn.