Which Way Challenge: September 20, 2018

Fischergasse 16.09 (2)

One of the mysterious archways in our town leading to somewhere and probably used for storage.

Bee on the Keyboard

I am not sure which letter he was looking for, perhaps B-eeeee

St. Urs 16.09.2018

And these had found the way, via the spiral staircase and through the belfry, to the platform on our St. Urs cathdral in Solothurn, Switzerland

Which Way Challenge: September 20, 2018

RDP Friday: Smirk

Sleeping Pig Circus Knie 06.08.2018

Don’t touch me I am sleeping or perhaps I am smirking
My teeth are bigger than yours and believe me I am lurking
Give me a chance and when I am awake
Then run for your life or you will be my steak
But nobody loves me they tell me it is my tooth
My mate is waiting for me, she lives in a fairground booth
We like to kiss tooth in tooth, but together we get locked
Our teeth are such a problem, our movements they are blocked
Last night at the circus show I was given a pat from a boy
I tried to bite his finger off and his mother had no joy
And now I am sleeping with a smirk on my face
I have a second tooth growing I hope I have the place

RDP Friday: Smirk

FOWC with Fandango: Compact

Diplomat Cakes

If these had been compact they would not look like this.

Let us begin at the beginning. This morning it was time for week-end shopping together. We are a pair of golden oldies and have nothing better to do with our time as going shopping together. He drives and I do the logistics – perfect.

After almost an hour in the various food departments we had crossed everything off our iPhone cloud list – yes we are cyber golden oldies. You always recognise us in the store because we each walk around with an iPhone in our hand. What I cross off the list, disappears from Mr. Swiss list – that is modern geriatric progress. We might have grey hairs on the top (actually Mr. Swiss does not – but he would have if he still had them) but below it still ticks, perhaps slower but it is all in a cloud somewhere in cyberland.

We were finished with the shopping and the list was empty. “What about something sweet?” I asked. “Not here” he answered, although I reminded him I meant something to eat. We decided on a Swiss speciality: a plastic cup fill with soft vanilla cream covering a layer of fruit with a nice little decoration on the top. Admittedly it was a soft composition, but protected in plastic. Due to earlier experience, this article was placed at the end of the conveyer belt in the store to keep it safe. The bags were packed, at least four, and this delicacy was placed on the top of one of the bags. We trolleyed it to our car and it was stowed away in the boot.

Being golden oldies, we keep to the speed limits on the roads and Mr. Swiss drove us home. We carefully placed the bags on a trolley we keep in the underground garage and arrived at the door to our apartment. This is not an easy task. Mr. Swiss needs a walking stick, I have a golden oldie walker, and we have to open three doors together to arrive at the lift. Luckily we only live on the ground floor, so just one up.

I had my key ready, opened the door, Mr. Swiss entered the apartment with the four large paper carrier bags, and yes one fell off. It was naturally the one with the sweet soft deserts on the top. You know that if you spread a slice of bread with jam and drop it, it always falls with the jam side first. These so-called soft diplomat sweets have the same symptom. The result you can see above. Need I say more, although they did not lose anything in taste quality and who eats with the eyes. You eat them far too quickly to bother about looking at them.

FOWC with Fandango: Compact

Good Morning

Clouds 18.09 (7)

I actually managed to get a photo of a plane passing by. They can often be quite elusive to the camera lens. You see the plane quite well, but when you want to focus through the camera you have to find it amongst all that blue sky space and when you do the focus slips away, at least with me. It is all a matter of luck. We seem to have a lot of low flyers at the moment. I never realised there are so many people owning a plane privately, or perhaps they are the ones used for the gliders. Gliding is a local sport, we have an airport  about 10 minutes away by road where you can meet the enthusiasts.

Clouds 18.09 (6)

Again I was a stay at home type of person yesterday and did not even manage a short wheelie down to the river. I am still recovering from my bug attack a couple of days ago. I thought it was a one day sort of thing, but it seems to be hanging on a bit. I just do not trust it at the moment. I was just thinking about going out yesterday afternoon when there was another warning sign, so decided it would be better to stay at home and watch the garden growing.

Back garden

Although the garden is not growing very much at the moment. The lawn has more or less given up and never did recover from the summer drought or the attack from below of the June beetle babies which enjoy chewing on the roots of things that should grow. We are now waiting for the gardener to remove it all and put down a nice surface of stones and hope that the insects afterwards choke on them. My amaryllis from last year is flowering about 2-3 months too early, but surprised us all, so I will keep it for a while. On the left at the front is the remains of the poinsettia from last Christmas. I am keeping that as well and see how it develops inside when the weather gets too cold for it. Otherwise I can see the sedum which is now flowering quite nicely in the background, giving the bees and wasps something to do now and again.

Today is the day for week-end shopping, although who knows what will be bought. My No. 1 son is always ready to eat, but his dad has no appetite at the moment and after my bug attack I am being careful. I seem to have lost the enjoyment of eating at the moment. I decided to stick to chicken with variations over the week-end and fish to play safe.

Swan 18.09 (2)

Sometimes I wish I could do my food shopping like this swan. Just stick your head in the food supplies and peck away at what you find.

I am now off to do some housework therapy to keep me busy. I hope you are keeping on top of things and will have a good week-end ahead – already week-end and time goes so quickly. Here is a doggy photo to brighten up your day, although he looks a little curious.

Dog 18.09 (1)