FOWC with Fandango: Loathe

Shopping trolley

Loathe is a bit of a strong word for disliking, although I am getting very near to loathing shopping, especially if I have to do it on my own. Usually Mr. Swiss comes with me, since we are both retired, at least 10 years, but there is always the exception to the rule and today was one of them.

Mr. Swiss was under the weather (we golden oldies have that now and again) and so I sort of volunteered to do the shopping on my own – that was the first mistake. First of all I had to conquer the fear of driving a car. Of course I can drive a car and once it is on the road, no problem. It moves and as long as I avoid people crossing the road it goes OK. Mr.  Swiss usually drives, although he has an idea that I could drive home, but that does not work.  Now I can use the word loath and I loathe driving when he is next to me, because he is giving instructions constantly.

So today I saddled up the car and was on my way. My left leg no longer functions, but no problem. Who needs a left leg when you drive an automatic and I am only allowed to drive an automatic. So I arrived at the supermarket safe and sound and all three parking places reserved for the handicapped were free, which does not often happen. I stopped loathing because it meant that I could park next to the entrace to the mini mall that we have. The shopping list floats on a cloud on my iPhone meaning that when I buy somthing I cancel it from the list and even Mr. Swiss sees it when he is at home.

I start to loathe the shopping when I begin to slow down. I forgot to take the shopping bag with me from the car, so just loaded everything into the trolley and filled up the bags when I returned to the car. Unfortunately 6 oversized bottles of Pepsi had to be bought . I just aimed and threw the packet of six plastic oversized heavy bottles and thanks to the gravitational pull they arrived at their destination in the boot of the car.  Another loathe. I drove home after spending more than an hour on my task because I was really down to slow motion. However, once in the car my loathing had almost gone to just a mild case of hatred.

The next loathe was when I reached home. I parked the car in our underground garage and could not open the door from the garage, due to fingers that are no longer so well attached to the hands. However, I piled the shopping on the trolley we have next to the car and arrived home to a worried Mr. Swiss who found I had been away a long time. He even tried to call me on my phone through worry, but either I did not hear it, or ignored it. We are still debating

How can anyone enjoy a shopping trip? Or shall I call it a loathing trip.

FOWC with Fandango: Loathe

RDP Monday Prompt: Labour

Bipperlisi workers 30.08.2018

It is always labour day on our railway tracks
The men in orange are ready to go
One does the work, another gives the orders
But work goes to and fro
They park the van at the side of the line
Just when I wanted to pass
I approached in my wheelchair, the space was very small
Should I move onto the grass?
And then the man giving orders gave a little laugh
“There is plenty of room for the chair”
I changed my steed down to gear number one
And I told him I really do not dare
Have no worry, if you fall
We will do our best to help
Lifting a wheelchair and me as well
Might result in me having to yelp
And so I went slowly, inch by inch
I held my breath on the way
Finally I did it, I was out in open country
I did not have to stay
After I wheeled on and took a glance back
they were labouring with their bin
I shook my head and marvelled at their logic
the work was done, we all had a win

RDP Monday Prompt: Labour

Good Morning

River Aare 02.09 (1)

Guess who took a wheelie home in the chair along the river bank. Yes, I was out again yesterday. I can fit my walks nicely into the afternoon between 3.00 and 4.30 p.m. more or less: sometimes later and sometimes earlier. Mr. Swiss always asks where I am going and I answer “no idea” although I like to go into town because things are always changing there. There might be an event and yesterday there was.

One wheel bikers on St.Ursen steps 02.09 (1)

It was nothing really special, but as I turned the corner after entering the town I noticed people were grouped looking at something on the stairs of the cathedral. Cyclists, mostly youngsters,  were were wheeling on the steps, but not the normal bike, the one wheeled version. It must be a special club for such bikes. I was quite impressed as I cannot even ride a normal two wheeler.

Wengibruck 02.09 (2)

I am now getting quite daring with my excursions, but our town is not so big. This time I travelled to the next bridge, the Wengi bridge. It was the only bridge with road traffic, but that has also now been reduced. Cars are no longer allowed to cross the bridge, only the local bus routes use it, or bikes (and wheelchairs). Basically I am not allowed to used the roads as my wheelchair is subject to pedestrian laws, but if they insist on making paving with high kerbs up and down, I avoid them when possible. Slopes are more pleasant when wheeling along.


When you leave the bridge and turn towards town you cross the Landhaus Quai, what I call the restaurant mile. On the left is one restaurant after the other. In the hot days you only see the open sun umbrellas where the people sit. In the distance on the right is our Landhaus, used for various functions and exhibitions and if you continue along the river a little more than a kilometer you arrive at our village.

Gull 02.09 (5)

As I crossed another bridge to turn homewards I saw this bird sitting on one of the lights on the bridge. Luckily he stayed where he was for a nice closeup. It looks like a gull of some sort, but no idea what sort. I seem to be becoming an ornithologist with my camera.

Eventually I arrived back home to my computer and various stuff I like to write, usually late afternoon. My creative juices flow better at that time. I also had photos to upload and Mr. Swiss was not feeling so good. This morning I was supposed to take him for a medical examination, but we have postposed it until next week. I am glad as I would have had to take him this morning around 7.00, afterwards go shopping to combine it all in one excursion and pick him up afterwards. This would mean no time for a shower or breakfast. He would not be allowed to eat in any case, but I would starve without my morning bread and jam and cup of tea and going places without having a shower in the morning is not my thing.

Baseltor 02 (2)

I have a shopping trip today, perhaps I might go on my own. I have already made the list so no problem. Weather is OK at the moment. Looks a little like rain, but not really, but I now have to think about wearing something warmer. As I sit outside on the porch writing I can hear that the crows are flying again. I think I would miss their noise otherwise. Church bells are also ringing in the background and I am now off to take a walk through the apartment, yes, with my vacuum cleaner. Have a good start to the week everyone.