FOWC with Fandango: Surmount

Solothurn Main Station

My arrival in Switzerland at the age of 20 (it was my 20th birthday) was not so spectacular, the only thing I had to surmount to get there was the train that I boarded in London Victoria Station, destination Folkestone on the Kent coast of England. I remember mum insisted on coming with me that far, but afterwards I was on my own. I could have done that bit on my own as well, but mum insisted, dad came as well of course.

The next part was surmounting the boat in Folkestone to cross the english channel, destination Calais. I arrived in Calais in the evening at 8,00 p.m. approximately. This was the night train speeding its way across Europe to arrive in Basel on the Swiss border at 6.00 in the early morning hours. I was now on my own in a different country with a different language, but still had a few obstacles to cross before going further.

As an immigrant with a work permit in Switzerland I was subjected to a medical examination by the Swiss medical police at the border. The clinic was opposite the station and only opened at 8.00 a.m., so another 2 hours to wait. I found a comfortable corner in the station restaurant in Basel and managed to stay awake There was a lot of overcoming and surmouting already completed, but there was more come.

I was subjected to a medial examination: lung x-ray and blood test to make sure I was not dragging any mysterious illnesses into Switzerland. They had taken my passport away and I was told to go and come back 2 hours later for the result. I must have been healthy as when I arrived again, after sitting in a restaurant for a couple of hours, again,  they gave me my passport. There was no “Welcome to Switzerland” or friendly smiles, the told me to go and so I surmounted my last train to Zürich where there was a job waiting for me.

This was  50 years ago, and I am still here. Must have been a successful surmounting experience.

FOWC with Fandango: Surmount

RDP Wednesday: Inspire

HESO 2018 (4)

What do I do all day?
I clean the apartment, I cook the meals, I write blogs, I read books.

Why do I do this?
Clean the apartment, you never know if you have a visitor. No, that is not the main reason, although part of it, let’s be honest. Mr. Swiss said I overdo it, but “said” in past tense. I think he realised that when I broke my leg certain things were no longer as they should be. Since everything is back to normal and I can do it again, the inspiration is back to cleaning. I do not mind doing it. And I am also probably inspired by a patch of dust or windows with finger prints on them (or paw prints from my cat).

Cooking: Cooking fresh food inspires me to eat it. I like to know where my food comes from and what it contains. I do not like heating up micro wave stuff and I am not even a fan of frozen. Of course I cook frozen peas and beans, otherwise it would be like a master chef programme on the TV. Cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, potato – that is not rocket science to  prepare it yourself. I like to see my meat before I cook it, the colour and the condition – I have a butcher and I buy it over the counter. I avoid prepacked where I can and then I enjoy cooking it.  Of course I am not a master cook, and I also have my accidents in the kitchen, but what is the fun of eating something that you just heat up in the oven, because somewhere in a factory it has all been prepared, not only for you but for thousands of others. OK, I do like my MacDonald hamburger, that is holiday food if in another town or country.

Writing blogs: I was already a working woman with four grown kids when my blogging began and I really do not know why. I had been knitting for the kids until I began to blog and then we had our first computers. What do you do with a computer, aside from playing games. I heard the word “Blog” from somewhere, checked it out and decided it was something similar to writing a composition at school. I was always keen on writing compositions, but my teachers were not exactly full of praise, but now there were no teachers to destroy my illusions. I was now armed with a computer. My first attempts were in Yahoo 360 which went out of action. The next serious effort was Multiply which collapsed and I actually had contacts, and still have the same ones today, those that wandered to Facebook. I already had a small backup in WordPress and decided to continue. Yes I am in Facebook, but that has nothing to do with inspiration. I can use the messenger to keep in touch with various friends privately and I have my school site there. It is more convenience than dedication.

I used to enjoy the old cinema films, the classics, but I get absolutely no inspiration from the television. I like to read books and there a very big thank you to Kindle. I live in a German speaking area, and read german, no problem. My mother tongue is english and I prefer to read in the original language where possible. I can upload my chosen book in its chosen language in a matter of seconds and begin to read and then I lose myself in the written word. I get inspired by certain authors and can keep track of what is new in literature.

And I am now inspired by the world that surrounds me, above all nature. I had discovered the camera and take my photos: nothing prize suspicious, but I do not care. I enjoy taking photos of wherever I go and what I see, the camera is always with me.

RDP Wednesday: Inspire

Good Morning

Blackbird 25.09.2018

Since the latest iPhone update I am greeted every morning when I switch it on with the temperature in my area. this morning at 7.30 it is 3°C so it looks like my mornings out on the porch will be no longer and I will have to wait until Spring. I am again in the kitchen but the window is open.  The crow or whatever it is did not seem to have problems sitting on a lamppost. I saw him on my trip to town yesterday afternoon.

I decided to go again to our local fair to see what I had not yet seen, but now it is no longer so interesting. Looking a whirlpools, cars and motor bikes is not my thing and the booths are all becoming the same and I would not have the room for a whirlpool.

HESO 25.09 (4)

There were a few people exhibiting various foods such as spices and tea sorts, but nothing spectacular.

HESO 25.09 (1)

Even the cakes and biscuits were becoming boring with they fancy packing and you cannot eat the packing. As it was mid afternoon and many were working, there was enough space to weave my way around in my wheelchair, but I did not stay so long. I think my excursions to the fair are coming to an end and unless they have something special I will not bother so much. Perhaps next Sunday the day it closes I will have another look.

I wheeled my way home through town and along the river, but there was a really strong wind blowing as I crossed the bridge. Luckily I was prepared and am now wearing my winter warm cloths and a warm jacket. The time is coming for my winter hibernation I think. We will have to have the winter tyres put on the car, although Mr. Swiss finds the ones we have on the car at the moment would be OK. I am glad I do not have to get my wheelchair fitted with them. We will also have to shift the porch furniture into the celler, but first I will have to vacuum it to get rid of any insects that might be hiding in the folds of the material and the cat fur remainders. We then put a couple of cheap plastic chairs on the porch during the Winter in case we have a need to sit outside and then we can hibernate.

I am hoping we do not have too much snow that I can get out now and again.

Today is a shopping day, but I have no idea what to get.

Clouds A 23.09 (2)

Look after yourselves, see you around later.