FOWC with Fandango: Heart

Not my heart, mine is not out of stone, but softer, beating regularly, I hope. Today I nearly had a heart attack. Ok not quite, just overdoing it. My other half had to go to the hospital for a routine examination, nothing so serious, a so-called CT scan. After two hours he called me on my iPhone. We only have iPhone, gave up the landline a few years ago, but today I wish I had it again.

Suddenly Mr. Swiss called me and I took the phone, and nothing. No voice, no speak. I thought it was one of those telephone fluke things and I called back. His phone rang a couple of times and then nothing: no voice, no signal. This went on for half an hour. I tried constantly and so did he. We were getting the signal tone but it cut off. My heart began to beat a little quicker. I tried SMS. It went somewhere but I got no answer and it gave me a “!” answer, meaning forget it.

Suddenly I got a so-called facetime message on the screen, but only saw myself, although Mr. Swiss name was on the screen. Another half an hour passed in the meanwhile and I was getting worried. I realised how it is when you have no connection by phone. All sorts of situations appear before your eyes. He must be finished now at the hospital, where was he? Was he on his way home in the car. I was really lost for a few moments. And so I continued with my various messages and got a signal from Mr. Swiss on the phone that he was again available.

Suddenly I heard the door open and a familiar voice say hello. The missing beats of my heart were home again. The examination at the hospital was an hour longer than he expected but he survived. Afterwards we did a telephone check. I cannot even remember who did what and why, but it was working again and I realised how important communication is, especially when you are a golden oldie.

Bleeding Heart

FOWC with Fandango: Heart

Friday RDP: Justice

Cows 27.09 (1)

Switzerland is a direct democracy. If there is something that disturbs, there is a special formula. Write it all down at the top and collect signatures below on the formula, a few thousand, perhaps 100,000, I really do not know because I have never collected signatures for voting.

We vote on a Sunday usually but can also do it by post, nice and comfortable from your own four walls. Mr. Swiss usually fills out the Ja’s and Nein’s and I sign. Of course not blindly. I have a look to see what we are voting for, but we generally agree or agree to disagree.

So why the cow. In Switzerland they also have a right. Look at their heads, do you see horns? Of course not. As soon as they are born the calf has the little stubs removed and does not even realise that one day horns should grow there. And so our female cows grow without horns. There is now a heifer rights movement and signatures have been collected.

Later this year we will all be voting for the right of the cows to keep their horns, to let them grow. Some farmers do not agree but the cows are complaining, mooing.

Cows 16 (2)

The ladies are firm. They find it is time for the heifer rights movement. If the bulls can keep them, why not the cows.  The idea behind removing the cow horns was because the cows could harm themselves, but they are peaceful creatures. The only time they fight is when a bull might have ideas and the cow does not agree, but now these “me too” days are over for the cows. They can defend themselves against any bull that might have ideas. They will be showing their horns.

And now the bulls are complaining. They are tired of the imitation cows at the breeding station, the want only real cows that breathe and are soft to the touch. Yes there are problems in Switzerland.

Justice for the female cows I say and I will be writing “Ja” when I vote.

Friday RDP: Justice

Good Morning

Alps 27.09 (1)

Yesterday was an alp day. I took a wheelie in my chair  up the hill to the local castle. It was a glorious sunny afternoon, just the right temperature and through the haze of the day I could see their outlines, so what could be better.

This morning was not as usual, there was no jam in the fridge. We finished it yesterday and I washed out the glass pot and someone somewhere forgot to get a new jar when they went shopping. But where there is honey, there is always hope. Bread and something spread on it with butter is the best for my digestion in the morning and I must have a breakfast. Honey is not exactly ideal for a diabetic but I have never heard serious problems from eating one slice of bread and honey, and I like it. And now I am sustained with my breakfast, together with a cup of black tea (without sugar of course) I can continue my daily life. Black tea because a lactose intolerance. Is life worth it all when food is no longer what you want, but what you have to.

Renovation stairs 27.09 (3)

Some may remember my last year of misery when we were under siege from the builders that were renovating our building (which is actually only 20 years old, but we are Swiss and renovate everything possible). Continuing the facelift of our building we are now having the inside renewed. We have plastic sheets covering the stairs and hallways and somewhere in the building you can hear the voices of the men at their work, or a radio playing. I have not yet actually seen them because they have begun on the top floor, but my camera is waiting for a few photos of “men at work” when they arrive on our ground floor level. Life is always exciting when builders arrive.

Chickens 27.09 (7)

And so I decided to take a wheelie in the top half of my village yesterday where the chickens, horses and two goat live, as well as some ducks and swans. I have not been there for some time due to the local trade fair in town and the discovery of actually going to town with my wheelchair. It is only 10 minutes down the road by chair and having become a professional driver since the beginning of the year, there are no holds barred.

But back to the village. I saw that the “drive-in” chicken coop had yet again been moved to a new place and I am not so happy about it. They have shifted it further down the path on a side path which is also a way to a few houses by car. It is not so comfortable with the camera and driving over the stony way, so my photos are now mainly by zoom lens which is only a 300 lens. The chickens seem to be quite content in their new place, which is the main thing I suppose. Some were admiring the view by sitting on the roof.

Geese 27.09 (3)

The geese remained where they were and now have most of the land to themselves. I wonder how the new system will develop when the snow lays on the ground in Winter.

Today being Friday, we have our shopping tour for the week-end. I have already planned the meals with help from my assistant logician. He started the list actually, but I finished it. He is quite good at the basic stuff on the iPhone but does not add the little details as I do with photos of tomatoes, pizza and fish, even a potato. It needs an artistic flair on the iPhone and logistics have become a speciality in old age. We golden oldies like to have fun on our electronic devices and shopping is so much more when you can illustrate the shopping list. Of course Mr. Swiss and I are on a cloud with our lists, so what could be better.

Enough of my wandering thoughts. We can now look forward to the week-end. Yes even golden oldies have one when the shops are closed and we can enjoy life at home with the vacuum cleaner, reading a book and yes, the computer. I will leave you on this note to have a good relaxing week-end.

Chrysanthemum 27.09 (2)

A flowery greeting from the local cemetery with some asters, or chrysanthemum or something in that direction.  I always get mixed up with those flowers, but I know they arrive in Autumn. Cemetery flowers are always the best, people seem to take care of them.