FOWC with Fandango: Personal

Mushrooms 22.09 (4)

It was a wonderful mushroom, a feast for the eyes
She knew she must have it, to cook a surprise
Plastic gloves were then needed to pluck them with care
Having to pluck them without causing a tear
When she was home in the cookery book she looked
It was sliced and spiced before being cooked
Her husband loved mushrooms they were the best
even more than her, he found her a pest
They had many problems but he was so rich
She could do nothing right, he called her a witch
And now she was sure that he would give her some praise
when he saw the mushroom dish, it would definitely amaze
He eventually came home after three hours in the bar
smelling of beer, of women, he had played his guitar
He was very much liked when he sung his love song
Whilst his wife waited at home who never did wrong
The entrance was normal with a push and a swish
he was drunk and quite wobbly but then smelt the dish
The mushrooms were eaten then he fell on the floor
the undertaker had problems getting the coffin through the door
But everything ended well, he was buried with pomp
And she was the happy widow, who enjoyed a good romp
The last thing we heard was she married again
There were still mushrooms in the field to be served with champagne

FOWC Fandango: Personal

RDP Monday: Quaint

Dad and Me, Wish Tower Cafe Eastbourne around 1964

I suppose I could say that dad was quaint. Here he is on the left and me on the right. I must have been about 16 years old on the photo and dad about 53 years old and we were visiting his sister. I suppose we all look a bit dressed up for the occasion, but that was 1962 and it was the pre-buejeans look for anything that goes. Men still wore their ties if they went somewhere. Even I had the current teenager look with an Amy Winehouse style although she was not even born then. I was way ahead of my time.

Dad would have been 103 years old today. He passed away in 2015, 100 and 7 months old and although I had been living in Switzerland since 1966 I always tried to visit once a year and was with him for his 100th birthday in London. Of course I am thinking a bit about him today, but not as a public memorial, the theme reminded me of dad.

It is not easy growing old in a world that gets faster and more complicated every day. Mr. Swiss and I both have our problems, but we grew up in cyber times and were both working in an office. We had to learn how a computer worked, we had to be able to make payments by cheque, or later online money transfer, it was part of daily life. Dad never had a bank account. Some of his famous words “I do not want a bank account, I do not want a cheque book” and so he never had one. It was all done by cash, although somewhere on the way he did have a sort of bank savings account. His factory wages were always paid weekly in a brown envelope in cash and that was dad. Quaint? Today yes, but then it was life.

After my mum passed away he was alone for many years, although he had a lady friend. He was lost at the beginning, cooking for himself, but he got use to it. He had his little council house with his kitchen and so he cooked daily on his gas stove. He eventually had to move to a care home when he was over 90 and we said he should have a microwave to cook with. “I don’t want a microwave” was his next statement. Eventually he had no choice, because although he had his own apartment at the care home, there was no cooking facility and everyone there had a microwave. I was in London when he moved and organised his microwave and there was no further discussion. And I think he quite liked it, although never admitted it was an improvement.

He was always fascinated by computers and when he saw that I could do photo work and produce illustrated documents he found it to be  a super idea and I had a chance to make money with it. I had to explain that you could do it on any computer.

And now reflecting on all his quaint ideas, I wonder how quaint I am becoming. Of course I am a cyber golden oldie, have moved with the times, but am not so sure. The complete financial life on the computer is now being revised for safety reasons. It seems that a simple SMS code from the bank on the telephone or computer is no longer safe enough. We were told today that by the end of the year it will all be done by scanning. I know this system for flights is already in use and I have always rejected it up to now and did it on the computer by printing my ticket etc. It seems it is the future, but I did not grow into this as my dad did not grow up with money that he could never touch or his microwave which did it all in a few minutes instead of hours.

Perhaps we all become quaint eventually. Anyhow, happy birthday Dad, you might have been quaint, but you could still help me with my algebra homework when I was at school, even if you did it your way. And he was a wizard at working out the bets for the horse racing. 🙂

RDP Monday: Quaint

Good Morning

Clouds A 23.09 (3)

Yesterday afternoon was strange weather in our neck of the woods. We had been warned that a storm was heading our way. I was in town in the afternoon and shot this photo across the town with some strange cloud formations above. The darker clouds were beginning to gather. The wind was picking up, but it was warm. I even met a friend of mine when I returned along the River Aar. She was always very fit and emerged in bathing costume from the river after a refreshing swim, which shows that the weather was still behaving

Luckily I had organised No. 1 son to clear the bits and pieces from our gardens and removed them to our hobby room in the cellar with our small garden table a two chairs during the morning. Everything was clear and as the wind picked up in the evening Mr. Swiss put the chairs in a safe place outside. We were ready for the storm. I will not say nothing happened as it whistled through the windows and picked up in speed and I could hear a few objects banging around outside, although not from our garden, but there was no rain. Some time during the night the electricity disappeared, but we only noticed it by various electric time devices on our machines in the morning.

This morning the sun is out and the temperature has dropped to 11°C, which is not so bad, but not the 20° that we have had before. I am still sitting outside on the porch and keeping myself warm with a knitted jacket and moving my fingers on the keyboard of the computer.

HESO 2018 (8)

I paid another visit to our local fair yesterday afternoon, but just a short one. Outside they were demonstrating the monster grills you could have for your estate, ideal for a bar-b-q if you invite the village. We do not grill, too much stress, but such a monster would certainly be ideal if your garden is big enough.

HESO 2018 (6)

This time I ventured inside the tents of the fair. As the weather was still quite good, there were not so many people in the various restaurants, but they all had an outside area attached where it was quite crowded. This is the pasta restaurant all decorated in our Kantonal colour of red and white.

HESO 2018 (3)

Our local newspaper also had a booth, although also quite empty. In the pleasant Autumn weather we had, there are more people outside than inside. Mr. Swiss said he did not realise I was such a fan of the HESO, but I am doing my own thing and I find visiting these centres of stress and action are much more enjoyable when on your own. You can do your own thing as you please. Of course, I had to be careful with steering the wheelchair amongst the crowds, but I had time to wait until they saw me, so no problem.

St. Urs Stairs 23.09.2018

I cut into town on my way home to see if there was anything going on and passed the steps of our St. Urs cathedral. This is always an attraction for the Solothurn people in the town on a pleasant afternoon, especially Sunday when it is a free afternoon. They often gather for a sit down on the steps and watch the world go by. The pram reminded me of the film Battleship Potemkin, a Russian silent film, with the memorable scene of a pram with baby rolling down the Odessa steps, connecting the waterfront with the central city. Many dramatic scenes occurred, but in Solothurn we do not have a revolution breaking out and people were just relaxing.

Swans 23.09 (2)

I again wheeled on my way home along the river. There were a couple of swans relaxing on the river and a few ducks diving under for whatever it is they dive for. A nice peaceful scene to finish the afternoon wheelie.

Today it is back to the old routine of shopping and cooking, but nothing special planned. There are sometimes advantages being a golden oldie. I am also feeling quite comfortable in the cooler temperatures.

I trust your week is beginning well and it will soon be Friday again for the next week-end, but we should enjoy the days as they arrive, otherwise we are “wishing our lives away” as my good old working class cockney mum would always say.  She was not exactly wise, but had her own phrases.